Pink's daughter wishes for peace and Hogwarts.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Pink's Daughter Willow Had A Simple Answer On Why She Wants Biden To Be Elected

Trying to stay positive about the presidential election is a challenge these days. The country has never been more divided, and sometimes it can feel pretty hopeless. If you need a little help seeing all that remains decent and sweet in this world, look no further than Pink's daughter Willow, whose wish for America after the election has even the Grinchiest among us melting.

The singer shared a short video on Instagram on Wednesday, the day after the presidential race between President Trump and Vice President Joe Biden formally ended. Of course, as we all now know that was not the end at all. Several battleground states like Nevada and Georgia continue to count mail-in ballots. As Republicans and Democrats continue to fight bitterly over the potential outcome of the election, Pink and her 9-year-old daughter Willow talked about how to move forward. And honestly, I think Willow might be my new mentor because she was truly Zen-like.

When her "Beautiful Trauma" mom asked her, "Who do you want to win the election?" Willow responded, "Um, is that a question?" Despite the fact that 9-year-old children are not allowed to vote, Pink offered her daughter the opportunity to choose. She chose Biden "because he's good."

But then Pink encouraged her daughter to get a little philosophical about things by saying, "I hope that no matter who wins the election that we can all figure out a way to be nicer to each other. Do you think that's fair? Do you think we should learn how to disagree and still be kind?"

When the mom of two asked Willow what her biggest wish might be, she gave an honest answer after much deliberation, "Well, my biggest wish is to go to Hogwarts... " Because obviously. But also she simply wishes for people to have "peace."

Willow might have given a visit to Hogwarts top billing over peace for human beings, but her mom is clearly nudging her in a thoughtful direction. Several social media users posted supportive messages for the little girl like "Yes, Willow. We *ALL* want to go to Hogwarts. But peace is pretty awesome, too." Another social media user echoed the sentiment, "Whatever the outcome is, let’s bring peace and love to everyone."

Pink herself has been outspoken in her political advocacy, sharing a "Vote" selfie on Tuesday on Instagram with the message, "it is a right and responsibility that each citizen make their voice heard. Many have fought and died for the right to vote. I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I will always use my voice."