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Pippa Middleton Shares What's Been Helping Boost Her 11-Month-Old Son's Confidence

Nearly a year ago, Kate Middleton's glamorous little sister welcomed her first child into the world. But unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton's lifestyle is a bit more low-key, so there aren't loads of photos of her baby boy. But every so often, she does give the world a delightful peek into her life as a new mom. And Pippa Middleton's latest baby update about her son Arthur revealed that her 11-month-old is quite energetic, like most tots his age.

In October 2018, Middleton and her husband, hedge fund manager James Matthews, welcomed their son, Arthur, according to CBS News. And since then, Middleton has shared just a few updates about her baby boy — who's pretty close in age with Kate Middleton and Prince William's youngest, Prince Louis — as part of her gig as a fitness columnist for Waitrose Magazine, a publication for the U.K. grocery store chain. And Middleton's most recent column for the magazine touched on the monotony of those early days of motherhood and how it's nice to get active with your little ones, who are full of energy.

"I needed to find something more than just park walks in the pram," she wrote, according to People. "Now that Arthur is 11 months old and more mobile, I have been trying to come up with different activities to do with him. Our local baby gym has been a saving grace. It’s a big space full of fun, soft objects, play mats, stairs, balls, swings, mini trampolines and more to stimulate and physically engage babies and toddlers."

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Middleton added in her Waitrose Weekend column that tot gym classes allow "Arthur [to burn] lots of energy in this safe environment and learns many physical skills,” according to Us Weekly. "I have also noticed him building his confidence with each visit," Middleton added.

As all parents are well aware, little kids around Arthur's age are very energetic and want to explore whatever they can, so classes like he and Middleton take together can be a godsend. But it's not all that surprising that Middleton's baby boy wants to be active. After all, the mom of one has previously shared how fitness is a big part of her life — before, during, and after her pregnancy with Arthur.

For example, while she was still pregnant with Arthur, Middleton wrote for her Waitrose column that "fitness gives me energy and helps clear my mind... I love the endorphins and the buzz factor that exercise gives." In another column, near the end of her pregnancy, she wrote about the benefits of meditating as her bump grew "prouder each day," which, in turn, made her daily movements and such "more awkward."

With her first year of parenthood almost behind her, it's nice to hear that Middleton and baby Arthur are doing so well. And while it's unlikely that we'll see any photos of baby Arthur soon, Middleton may grace us with another column or appearance in the near future. After all, she did step out this past July with Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at Wimbledon, according to USA Today. So, who knows, maybe she'll write about Arthur's royal playdates with Prince Louis and Markle's son Archie? One can dream, right?