New Play-Doh Products Are Textural Delights In Foam, Putty & *Slime*

The feeling of rolling a perfectly smooth ball of Play-Doh between your hands is one of the most soothing experiences I can think of. My kids can spend hours mashing together clumps of colorful doh to create entire imaginary worlds, just as kids have been doing with classic Play-Doh for more than 60 years. In addition to their classic doh, Hasbro introduced new Play-Doh texture compounds on World Play-Doh Day Sept. 16, and your kids are about to be completely obsessed with the new textures available. That's right, now your kids can squeeze, smash, and dig into five new types of Play-Doh with different textures, including slime.

Making your own DIY slime from bottles of glitter glue and contact lens solution is so 2018. It's messy, sticky, and rarely turns out right. Now that Play-Doh Slime is officially a thing, your kids can spend less time making messes and more time making memories playing with the ooey, gooey slime they love so much. Your stained and sticky kitchen sink is going to be ridiculously grateful when you pick up new prepackaged Play-Doh Slime.

Available for purchase in three-pack assortments for $3.99 at Target, Five Below, and Meijer stores, each package features slime in bright colors with two metallic slimes and one solid color slime included in each package. Single slime containers are available exclusively at Five Below for $1.49 each. The best part of picking up Play-Doh Slime is that it comes in recyclable slime containers with lids so that your kids can re-use their slime over and over again without having to make a new batch each time.

And if regular old slime just won't do, kids can also get their hands on two new slime variations from Play-Doh — Krakle and Super Cloud. With Play-Doh Krakle Slime, kids can feel a crunchy sensation within their slime thanks to multi-colored beads that move and pop within the compound when they squeeze or manipulate it. Play-Doh Krakle comes in two-packs with assorted colors and reusable containers, perfect for storing the compound when not in use, and can be found at Target, Five Below, Joann, and Meijer stores for $4.99.

If your kids are more interested in the popular fluffy slime recipes that float around Pinterest, they're going to fall head-over-heels for Play-Doh Slime Super Cloud's light and airy texture. They can smoosh this bright-colored light-as-air slime over and over again before storing it in the product's reusable containers. Retailers Target, Five Below, Joann, and Meijer stores will each carry one of four color varieties of Play-Doh Slime Super Cloud for $4.99.

In addition to Play-Doh Slime variations, kids can now get a textural fix with even more choices from Play-Doh including Play-Doh Putty and Play-Doh Foam, both of which can be molded and shaped in a similar fashion to original Play-Doh.

Play-Doh Putty is a smooth compound with a pliable texture that is great for stretching and twisting, as it becomes more malleable the longer it is in your hands. When your kids have had enough putty play time, they can store their Play-Doh putty in its reusable tin storage container to keep it fresh and pliable. You can find this metallic textile delight in at retailers Target, Meijer, Joann, and Amazon for $9.99.

There is just something so satisfying about a material that can be squeezed between your fingers, but also holds its shape when molded in a certain way. With Play-Doh Foam, kids can get the best of both worlds in one texturally pleasing product. Play-Doh Foam is comprised of tiny foam-like beads that provide a firm, yet flexible feel. Available at Target and Five Below stores, Play-Doh Foam comes in multiple colors in a reusable storage tub for $3.99.

With so many new Play-Doh products to choose from, your kids will now be able to experience an entirely new world of textural experiences. The new Play-Doh products are available for purchase at select retailers beginning Oct. 1.