Where Playmobil's 'Back To The Future' DeLorean is Going, Kids Don't Need Roads

Guys, guys! Marty McFly and Doc Brown are back! And they’re 6 inches tall. No, this isn’t some time machine-induced shrinkage situation. It’s the work of your favorite German toy company. Playmobil's new Back to the Future DeLorean set features your favorite time-traveling duo, and let's just say that where these adorable plastic guys are going, they don't need roads. Going home with your kid is their density, I mean destiny. (Okay, enough with the quotes.)

Quick recap for those of you who haven’t watched the Michael J. Fox star-maker since it hit theaters a few decades ago: The year is 1985, and California teen Marty McFly suddenly finds himself in 1955 when his mad scientist pal, Doc Brown, shoots him into the past. There Marty meets his own high school-aged parents and has to make sure their meet-cute happens or his very existence will be threatened. Convoluted? Sure. Total classic? Absolutely.

Now, we admit, Playmobil’s youngest audience members might not be familiar with Back to the Future just yet. But you don't have to be a movie buff to find the tiny version of that gull-winged vehicle totally irresistible. Now, the necessary 1.21 gigawatts of power to operate the car aren’t included in the set, but it does come with two figures, one dog (Einstein), and of course the DeLorean DMC-12 (equipped with a plutonium tank, flux capacitor, and dashboard time travel indicator). Biff, Marty’s Dad’s arch nemesis has also been excluded from the box set, but, let’s be honest, no one likes that guy anyway so he can just “make like a tree and get outta here” (okay, one more quote).

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For $50, this classic piece of American pop culture can be yours, I mean, your child's. As Marty would say, “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.” (I lied! I'll never stop with the quotes!)

Also available later this month: A smaller set (without a DeLorean set) including Marty McFly and Doc Brown figures with newspaper and guitar accessories ($8).


Seriously though, can a set with Biff and Marty's parents be far behind? Then you can re-enact the whole movie with your kid (they'll be so impressed when they find out that you remember the dialogue word-for-word).