Police Officer Saves Choking Baby, So Parents Ask Him To Be Her Godfather


The life of a police officer must be one heck of a roller coaster. On any given day you could be required to do a million different things and do them well, because not performing your duty could cost someone their life. The pressure must be tremendous... but then there is the odd, beautiful moment of pay off for some officers. For example, when an officer save someone's life and is rewarded in a way he might not have imagined. One such officer saved a choking baby, and the parents asked him to be the baby's godfather. How sweet is that?

Officer Kenneth Knox was on duty last month when he answered a 911 call about a 2-month-old baby in distress. The baby's mother, Meona Parham, told news station WTVM she had been feeding her daughter Ma'Yavi an hour earlier when she noticed she was having trouble breathing:

When Knox arrived and attempted reverse CPR on their baby (sucking the lodged cereal out of the infant's throat), the grateful parents asked him to be her godfather. And he respectfully accepted.

Knox said in a Facebook post that God helped him save the little girl's life.

In an interview with WTVM, Knox explained the connection between him and "Little Miss Parham";

While everyone's newsfeed is usually flooded with troubling stories of violence and chaos, this story is one to remember. The story of a man doing his job, doing it well, and earning himself a place in a little girl's heart forever.