Photo courtesy of Mattel

Polly Pocket Is Going On Tour & It's The Perfect Fall Activity For Families

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Polly Pocket may look a little different now than she did when I was a kid, but she's still having some pretty epic adventures these days. In February, Mattel announced a relaunch of Polly Pocket including a new product line and an animated series. To celebrate, Polly Pocket is going to come to life at malls around the country on a special tour to which you can bring your kids to introduce them to her wonderful, tiny world. Polly Pocket's Tiny Is Mighty mall tour is the perfect activity for kids this fall, and Romper has an exclusive first look at the event.

The new Polly Pocket "is a clever and curious inventor always on the lookout for adventure," according to the Polly Pocket official website. She's joined in the new series and product line by her best friends, Lila — who has a "passion for fashion" — and Shani, the more cautious one in their small group. Polly also has a sort of archenemy who is obsessed with her magic locket. Members of Polly's family join in on the fun too.

And speaking of family, it sounds like the Polly Pocket Tiny is Mighty tour is going to have a ton of activities for both kids and their parents, as a way to celebrate the relaunch of Polly Pocket and for Polly to continue to inspire kids all over the world.

The tour begins in Brea, California on Oct. 13, according to an email Mattel provided to Romper. Here are all the tour dates for the Polly Pocket Tiny is Mighty tour happening this fall; they all take place in the United States, aside from one stop in Toronto, Canada:

  • Brea Mall – Brea, CA – October 13 - 14
  • Woodland Hills Mall – Tulsa, OK – October 20 - 21
  • King of Prussia Mall – King of Prussia, PA – October 27 - 28
  • Gurnee Mills – Gurnee, IL – November 3 - 4
  • Vaughan Mills Mall, Ontario, Canada – November 10 - 11
  • Smith Haven Mall – Lake Grove, NY – November 17 - 18
  • Opry Mills Shopping Center – Nashville, TN – November 24 - 25
  • Miami International Mall – Doral, FL – December 1 - 2

Rendering courtesy of Mattel

It sounds like every stop of the Tiny is Mighty tour is going to have some awesome activities for all ages. First, there's the Polly’s Adventure Course, where Polly Pocket fans "can demonstrate that they are courageous and tenacious while mastering the course," according to Mattel.

The Adventure Course will include a Button Rock Wall, the Polly’s Soda Lookout Platform, and a slide down a huge inflatable flamingo that ends in a ball pit. Who doesn't love a ball pit?

Photo courtesy of Mattel

Other activities include the Cupcake Compact Karaoke Stage, where kids can dance and sing in a life-size Cupcake Compact, and the Polly’s Free Play Zone, where fans can play with different Polly Pocket figurines, play sets, and accessories or watch Polly Pocket, the new TV series.

The tour stops will also have a Maker Activity Area, where kids can make Polly Pocket themed crafts, as well as the Tiny Power! Photo Activity where the whole family can "snap the perfect pic set within the tiny world of Polly Pocket."

Before they were discontinued in the late 1990s, over 10 million Polly Pocket compacts were sold. That's a whole lot of tiny figurines and play sets. And with the launch of the new Polly Pocket product line, and the tour to celebrate the return of Polly, there are sure to be even more tiny Polly Pocket figurines in the hands of kids everywhere in the very near future.