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Good Humor

Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Bars Are Coming & Life Is Good Again

Some might say foods like Pop-Tarts and Good Humor ice cream are for kids, but those people are missing the point. Growing children need nutritious food, while grown-ups can live on fumes and nostalgia... and that's why Good Humor's new Pop-Tarts ice cream bars are exactly the treat you've been dreaming about since the days of Saturday morning cartoons and no responsibilities.

If you're wondering how Pop-Tarts translate to ice cream, all you have to do is think about those classic Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bars you always begged for at the ice cream truck. Once you've got that visual going, imagine that the strawberry cake crumbles on the outside and the strawberry-flavored center have been taken over by a brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tart: what looks like crushed Pop-Tarts on the outside with layers of vanilla and cinnamon ice cream on the inside. As Delish reported, this marriage of iconic snack products is an official partnership between Pop-Tarts and Good Humor. (While the bars are already on Good Humor's site, there's no price listed or release date. Yet.)

The blog Cerealously called this new ice cream bar a "validation of frozen Pop-Tarts as a concept, ideal and life philosophy," and it's hard to disagree (particularly if you're a member of the unofficial "frozen Pop-Tart" cult). But even if you've never frozen a Pop-Tart in your life (I thought they were for toasting?), you'll surely find this frozen dessert validating in some way, shape or form.

Whether or not these bars will make it to your neighborhood ice cream truck remains to be seen. But remember, they aren't kid stuff anyway. And you can drive your own self to the grocery store.