Education: Girl Holds Armful Of School Supplies

Poshmark Now Has A Back To School Market To Save You $$$

A new academic year is many things: exciting, nerve-wracking, relieving. But it's also expensive, with school supplies in particular putting a dent in your bank account. Poshmark is launching a School Market to lessen the burden, giving families the opportunity to replenish their pens and notebooks from the comfort of home.

Poshmark made a name for itself as a mobile market for fashionistas, first designed as an app where users can buy and sell clothes. It also brings a social element into the online shopping experience, as the app is organized by "closets" in which members upload images of what they want to sell, and potential buyers engage with the products by commenting on the closets and items. The design allows you to feel like you're looking through a friend's closet rather than shopping from a stranger, and that sense of community is increased by 'Posh Parties' that encourage users to sign onto the app at a certain time, like a virtual trip to the mall as a group.

Poshmark has clothes shopping down to a science at this point, so they've started expanding their offerings in recent months. For instance, they added a Home Market for shoppers who want to do a little redecorating a few months ago. The School Market is their latest addition, designed to help busy parents save time and money as their kids head back to school.

Courtesy of Poshmark

The School Market will have items like binders, folders, calendars, notebooks, journals, pencil cases, planners, and more lining its virtual shelves according to a Poshmark rep. A Poshmark rep reports that you can buy new or "gently-used items, which often means snagging great discounts on brands you know and love." It's to your benefit that parents who know what's required in schools will be doing much of the selling, as it's more likely you'll be able to get whatever you need. And you get the benefit of the community, which could make you feel less alone as you prepare to send your kid off to school for the first time.

It's a school supply bonanza and parent party, but Poshmark might not be the best place to shop if your kid's school requires them to have specific brands of products, as you'll be buying from individual sellers. There's no guarantee any Poshmark user will have the 100-pack of Crayola markers needed for your back to school checklist, so you might end up disappointed if you head to the app with specific products in mind. But it will work well if you're not picky about brands or have more flexibility with your list. And considering it costs an average of $696 to get a child ready for a new year according to the National Retail Federation, you'll likely be willing to try any shopping method that will help you save money.

The School Market is live on Poshmark now, so all you have to do to access it is download the app and enter the market. And while you're there, you can check out the myriad of other kid focused markets available on the app, including activewear and luxury, to make sure they have the clothes they need for school and life in general, too. Your little ones will be ready for the year.