Dumbledore Is The New Santa With Pottery Barn's Harry Potter Christmas Decor

Ho, ho, ho, it's Harry Potter! Take note, parents of Potterheads. For Pottery Barn's line of Hogwarts and Harry-themed Christmas decor is sure to delight every Gryffindor in your house. (Or Slytherin. No judgments.) The line includes everything from stockings to garlands to ornaments, and as is customary for Pottery Barn (more like Potter-y Barn, am I right), that means the items are both tasteful and pricey.

While the marriage of Potter and Christmas might seem a little odd to some, I think for anyone who has read the books it makes total sense. J.K. Rowling did such a great job of creating beasts and soul-suckers and nose-less villains, yes, but she also created an incredibly cozy and festive world within her stories, and Christmas festivities always featured.

It's really kind of a testament to the power of the books (and I suppose the Warner Brothers marketing team) that Harry still has such a hold on us over a decade after the last book came out. Maybe over time we'll all slowly go full-on Potter for Christmas? We'll eventually serve butterbeer instead of wassail, and will tell our children of a bearded man in a hat named Dumbledore, who apparates into the living room on Christmas eve with a sackful of toys for everyone who has promised to vanquish evil.

Only time will tell, I suppose...


Happy Christmas Garland

This handmade garland is constructed of "cotton, velvet, MDF and Zari cord," and it's of course cut in wizardy Potter-font. I have to say, even if you aren't a Potterhead, this is way more fun than a string of plastic greenery dangling over the fireplace. It's got kind of a kicky, '60s vibe, too, no? Like can't you picture people huddled around it in shift dresses, drinking spiked eggnog, then throwing their keys into this Golden Snitch snack bowl for a little Christmas key party hijinks?


Snitch String Lights

Again, leave it to Pottery Barn to find a way to put a classy spin on some Quiddich paraphernalia. These golden snitches may be constructed of tin, but their warm twinkle gives off a regal holiday glow. A string is 84" long, and they run on a timer, so you don't wake up at 3 a.m. and go, "D*mmit, I didn't turn off the snitches..."

Like the garland, I feel like even non-Potter fans would enjoy these. Just hang them up and tell people they're doves of peace.


Hogwarts Stockings

The great thing about these stockings is that not only will your kids go bananas over them, they're actually quite stylish. They're made of nylon and vicose, and while the colors are rich, they aren't garish. Not only can you personalize these with names, you can choose any of the Hogwarts' crests for your design. There's also a golden snitch and Hedgwig version on offer. Perfect for jamming a small wand or some chocolate frogs into the toe.


Plush Ornaments

These rather adorable velvet and felt ornaments feature Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco clad in their wizarding robes and school scarves. Measuring 10" high, they hang from the tree from little velvet gold loops. While it very clearly states these are "not toys," I'd be prepared to find a little one in the corner having these guys shoot spells at each other. I'd also be prepared to find Draco buried in the litter box. (Where he belongs, the jerk.)


Snow Globe

Capture your kid's imagination and put a mystical spin on the standard snow globe with this shiny silver model of Hogwarts. Give it a shake and not only does a blizzard billow about the castle, the globe also plays "Hedwig's Theme." Personally, whenever I see a snow globe I always think of Richard Gere maiming that hot antique bookseller in Unfaithful. So snow globes have kind of been ruined for me. I can appreciate this is a nice one, though.


Metal Ornaments

Why not add a bit of mystery and magic to your tree with these shiny aluminum ornaments depicting a golden snitch, the Hogwarts Express, a flying key, and the symbol for the Deathly Hallows? Again, it totally says these "are not toys" on the site, but good luck keeping your kids from chasing each other on Swiffers and throwing that little snitch around. Just be sure to shoo them outside, as nothing quite ruins the Yuletide vibe like a snitch thrown through a flatscreen.