John-David & Abbie Duggar's Baby Girl Might Be Born On A Special Day

by Casey Suglia

Between all of the Duggars who are currently expecting, the ever-expanding brood has one exciting year ahead of them. Back in August, for instance, John-David Duggar and his wife Abbie announced that they're expecting their first child together and recently shared an exciting detail about their upcoming bundle of joy's ETA. In a new Instagram post, pregnant Abbie Duggar revealed her due date and as it turns out, it has a special significance to the couple.

Although she and John-David have a pretty active Instagram account, Abbie has not posted many pregnancy updates since announcing their exciting news over the summer. But on Tuesday, Abbie shared her first bump update on Instagram, which was especially exciting for Counting On fans since she revealed some key details about her pregnancy. In the photo, Abbie smiles into the camera with her hands wrapped around her bump. And as she revealed in the caption, the expectant parents can't wait to meet their little girl in just a few months.

"One of our favorite past times — feeling our little girl's movements!," the couple wrote in the caption. "We are so excited to meet her in January!!! #25weeks."

Until now, Abbie's due date hadn't been confirmed. But now that fans know that she's due in January 2020, they have a better idea as to when they could be meeting John-David and Abbie's little one in the future. Not to mention, January is a big month for the couple — John-David and his twin, Jana, were born on Jan. 12, 1990, according to E! News, so the dad-to-be will be celebrating his 30th birthday around the time his baby girl arrives.

Abbie's new bump photo prompted many of John-David's family members to share their excitement in the photo's comment section. "Can't wait for her to arrive!!," Jana commented on the photo. "Maybe she'll be born on our birthday!" John's younger sister, Jill Duggar, added, "Looking beautiful mama!"

Since Abbie is 25 weeks pregnant, this means that she is in her second trimester, according to What To Expect, and still has a few more months to go until her little one arrives. This time period is critical for the growth of the baby, but is also when those tougher pregnancy symptoms tend to calm down, according to What To Expect. Week 25 is the perfect time for Abbie to get some serious planning done when it comes to preparing for her baby's arrival, according to The Bump. Although it's a little unclear what Abbie has done in preparation for her baby girl's arrival, it's evident that she is just thrilled to be pregnant and feel her bundle of joy's movements.

Back in early August, the couple announced that they're expecting, according to USA Today. And by Aug. 20, they revealed that they are having a girl. In September, Abbie and John traveled to the Bahamas to help with relief efforts for Hurricane Dorian, according to OK! Magazine. And since then, it seems like they've just been embracing life as parents-to-be. And hopefully, Abbie will share a few more pregnancy updates as they prepare for their baby girl to arrive.