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Amy Duggar Enjoys A Few "Last Hoorahs" In NYC Before She Becomes A Mom

Amy Duggar might be pregnant for the first time in her life, but she obviously knows a little something about babies. She is cousin to the famously huge Duggar family of TLC's 19 Kids & Counting notoriety, after all. Which means she has seen more than her fair share of pregnancies in her lifetime. She knows what to expect now that she's expecting. And she definitely knows what is coming next for her when her baby arrives. Which means Amy Duggar is getting in some "last hoorahs" before her baby boy is born in the next few months, and she's picked some good ones.

The Marriage Boot Camp star and her husband Dillon King are expecting their first baby, a little boy they will name Daxton Ryan, some time in October. Amy might be a Duggar (patriarch of the other Duggar clan from Counting On Jim Bob is her uncle), but she's made it clear she is not necessarily following the same path as her cousins. She and her husband Dillon have been married since 2015, which means they took a whole four years to have a baby. Considerably longer than her cousins Jessa, Jill, Joy-Anna, and even Jinger Duggar. And that's not the only way she's a little different.

While her cousins favor a relatively strict dress code (pants were only recently introduced and dresses tend to be mid calf or longer, although they have been lightening up a little lately), Amy is lamenting the end of 6-inch heels in an Instagram post.

The 3130 clothing boutique owner is currently on a tour of New York City, where she and her husband have been enjoying a final getaway before little Daxton's arrival. She and Dillon were on hand for the premiere of WeTV's Love After Lockup, and Amy took full advantage of the chance to dress up, wearing a cute mini dress and heels. As she posted a few photos on Instagram, she noted this occasion was special for a personal reason:

One more because let's face it I wont be in 6 inch heels again for awhile! #32weekspregnant.

High Heels aren't the only thing Amy is saying goodbye to... there's also the little getaways with her husband. She shared a photo of herself and Dillon wearing "Mom" and "Dad" baseball caps in Central Park and captioned the post:

Mom & Dad to be take NY! this is our last hoorah before Dax comes! We love it here.. but so excited to get back home and start nesting and decorating the nursery!!

The couple enjoyed another little babymoon earlier this summer on the beach in Florida, where Amy took full advantage of the great photo opportunities. Like this one where Dillon looks like a tiny man leaning on her pregnant belly in a bikini.

Life obviously doesn't end after you welcome your baby, but things change dramatically. Amy Duggar knows this and so she is prepared. She knows the coming months will presumably see her hunkering down and bonding with her baby boy... so why not take on New York City in 6-inch heels while you can, right?