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Amy Schumer's Swimsuit Photo Shoot Is The Realest Of The Real

Not everyone loves being pregnant. I know what you're thinking; what? Who doesn't adore every last moment of carrying a tiny life inside you? Even when that tiny life has you vomiting up every bite of food you put near your mouth every few hours or so and all of the parts of your body swell (not just the parts that you expected to swell either) and you're tired and hot and cranky. Even then, it's supposed to be glorious, right? Well, according to Amy Schumer, a little bit yes and a little bit no. Amy Schumer's recent swimsuit photo is a hilarious reminder that you might as well try to eek a laugh out of pregnancy, because what else are you going to do?

The I Feel Pretty actress is expecting her first baby with husband, chef Chris Fischer, later this year. And because she's Amy Schumer, she's obviously been keeping it extra real from day one. Her millions of followers are already well-acquainted with her trials and tribulations as a pregnant woman, whether she's sharing video of herself vomiting in a car on the side of the road on the way to a gig or hanging out on the beach, please don't expect Schumer to take herself too seriously.

Need an example? This video the comedienne shared of herself slo-mo running on the beach in a swimsuit, Baywatch-style.

Schumer couldn't help pointing out the two sides of pregnancy in the caption to her video on Instagram, writing:

I puke anything I eat up until 4pm. But then I’m like...#baywatch #eyecandy #DandG

Not surprisingly, other moms took to the Trainwreck actress' Instagram feed to share their own stories of daily pregnancy vomiting:

I puked forever up until childbirth, with my 3 girls, [you're] a trooper. Hang in there
Been there, done that! Fresh air was The best thing for me, I would spread a blanket underneath the trees and take a nap while my neighbor cared for my five-year-old, it was tough… People say you forget but, I remember
I’m in the same boat right now girl. Diagnosed with hyperemesis too but I puke everything after 2pm!! 17 weeks!!

Schumer struggles with hyperemisis gravidarum, a condition that causes severe nausea. Even at Christmas, as the actress noted on Instagram.

Of course, Schumer isn't going to let a little thing like constant vomiting get in the way of a little fun, beach-style. On Saturday, she shared a picture of herself on her Instagram Story wearing the same swimsuit as model and friend Emily Ratajkowski with the caption:

Thanks for the suit @emrata fits like a very small glove

If ever you wondered what pregnancy is really like for a lot of women, you could probably do worse than scrolling through Amy Schumer's social media feed to get a sense of the thing. Because yes, there can be lots of vomiting and such. But a girl can still have a little goofy fun if she tries, right? Especially when ridiculous swimsuits are on offer.

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