Lauren Duggar Is ~*Glowing*~ In Sweet, Fall-Themed Third Trimester Bump Photo

by Casey Suglia

When Josiah and Lauren Duggar announced (earlier this year) that they were expecting their first child together after suffering a miscarriage, it was a very emotional time. But now, there are happier days that are ahead for the couple, especially since they are weeks away from meeting their new addition. Yes, pregnant Lauren Duggar is officially in her third trimester, and she is so happy about it, she's practically glowing.

The couple, who currently star on TLC's reality show, Counting On, have begun their countdown to meet their baby girl later this season. In a new pregnancy update post on Instagram that screams "fall" (as in the season), Lauren looks radiant in her super cute maternity outfit. Her face has "pregnancy glow" written all over it, and she is rocking her pregnancy bump, which still has a little more room to grow. "Feeling so extremely thankful to carry such a precious gift!," Lauren wrote in the caption of the post. "Can't believe that I will finally get to hold my baby in my arms before too long! #dreamingofthatmoment"

No wonder she looks so happy — she has just a little more than a month until she can finally hold her baby girl in her arms for the first time. In the comments of her Instagram post, Lauren shared that she is due in November and her little one is still growing so much.

Lauren's little update means that she is officially in her third trimester of pregnancy, which begins during week 28 of pregnancy and lasts until the day the baby is born, according to What To Expect. During this time, it's normal for the bump to grow more, since the baby is growing more. This means that moms to be can experience a lot of different (and new) side effects, according to What To Expect, like fatigue, heart burn, and Braxton Hicks contractions, which is the body's way of preparing moms for labor. But if Lauren is experiencing any of these things, it would be impossible to tell based on this photo alone. She looks so happy to be in her third trimester and doesn't seem to be experiencing any pain at all (well, at least in this photo).

It's easy to see why Lauren is all smiles in this Instagram post. As previously stated, Lauren's journey to pregnancy wasn't easy. In February, the couple shared that Lauren had suffered a miscarriage in October 2018, according to Us Weekly. In a video recorded for TLC's website, the couple said that they decided to share the news because "nobody really talks about it." And a few months later, in May, the couple announced that they were pregnant and expecting a "rainbow baby" of their own.

"We cannot begin to tell you how much we are looking forward to holding this baby in our arms this fall," Josiah and Lauren told Us Weekly in a statement at the time. "Every good and perfect gift is from above and we are looking forward to this new season of parenting together!"

They're going to welcome this new season of parenting in this (literal) new season of fall. As the weather begins to change and the leaves begin to fall, their lives are beginning to change, too — and that could not be any more exciting.