This Pregnant Woman Channeled Thor & Lebowski For The Best Halloween Costume Ever, Man

Now here's something I have to tell you I never really considered: trying to come up with a Halloween costume while you're pregnant is apparently a bit stress-inducing. That's what one expectant mom from the Chicago area tells Romper. It makes sense when you think about it; all of the social media posts out there where everyone is coming up with something clever and cute and, above all, very focused on their bump. How does a gal manage to pull off a unique look nowadays? Well you could try this pregnant woman's very comfy Halloween costume channeling "Lebowski Thor." It's actually the perfect solution and bonus points — you get to hang out in your cozy pajamas all day.

Carly Kimont, who's seven months pregnant with her first child, tells Romper she has always gone "all out" for Halloween. "I lived overseas for awhile so I dressed up as the Angel of Death complete with spooky face painting; one year I was a zombie Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I usually do a big Halloween party too," she says.

Now that she's pregnant, however, times have obviously changed. Kimont was feeling the pressure to come up with a costume that is both relevant and bump-specific, but found it difficult after scanning Pinterest and Instagram. "I wanted to be original but there is simply so much out there that's already been done," she says. Plus weather in her area has been pretty atrocious, with some communities in the Chicago area postponing trick-or-treating, as WGN-TV reported. Not exactly conducive to some of the more elaborate bump-painting costumes she had been admiring.

So what's a girl to do? Look to Thor, obviously.

Kimont ended up settling on a costume inspired by Thor from Avengers: End Game, a movie she tells Romper she saw in the theater three times. In the film the Norse god is suffering from depression and has rather let himself go, Dude Lebowski-style.

"There was a blizzard in Chicago and it was freezing rain all day," she says. "I knew I would want to be warm and cozy, and those painted belly costumes on Pinterest wouldn't be warm enough... I remembered seeing this funny meme with a picture of Thor that read, 'Finally a superhero costume for the rest of us.' It was perfect. I could stay warm, comfy, and cozy in the costume but I still got to do something original. And I got to wear a wig!"

She completed her costume with a beard, sweatshirt with holes in it, flannel pajama bottoms, and the requisite robe. So basically the best outfit ever.

So where does this mom-to-be plan on wearing such an inspired outfit? After helping her nieces do some trick-or-treating, she's heading straight to the sofa for some cocoa and classic horror flicks. "We are going to watch the same movies I watch every year, the original Halloween and Poltergeist," she says.

I suspect Thor and The Dude would be incredibly proud of both her inspired costume and her Halloween activities. If only she was going bowling... that would be the best, man.