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President Obama, Instagram Husband

President Obama is many things to just as many people. But to former first lady Michelle, Obama is now an Instagram husband — at least, according to the internet. On Monday, the former first couple broke said internet with new paparazzi photos of them on vacation. This time, it wasn't Obama smiling with Richard Branson, no, it was Obama holding up an iPad (of all the seriously geeky things in the world) to take a picture of Michelle in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

It's the most Obama photo of all time. Of course the 43rd president uses an iPad to take pictures on vacation, just like any other tourist in dad jeans. And of course, he's kind enough to be an Instagram husband. ICYMI: and Instagram husband is the most necessary (and pretty sexist) accessory for any social media queen. It's the guy that women force to take pictures of them looking amazing on social media. Getting the lighting just so, telling her to lean forward just a bit for the best shot. Though judging by the fact that Obama is using an iPad to take a picture on a yacht, it's likely that he's not that great of an Instagram husband. Just the way's he standing screams, "Is thing this even on?"

Really, just take a look. Are those khakis or — gasp — white pants he's wearing? All jokes aside though, their Easter weekend looked absolutely amazing. And no, they aren't all alone on that yacht. For the past month, they've been on a little getaway with Oprah, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and Bruce Springsteen, staying at The Brando, a luxury resort on a private island bought by, you guessed it, Marlon Brando in 1967. Rooms range from $2,750 to $13,000 per night. At a place like that you sort of have to wear white pants just to fit in.

The yacht that they've been hanging out on, cruising around various South Pacific islands (the picture in question was taken in Tahiti, according to The Daily Mail), is The Rising Sun, owned by David Geffen, but built back in the day for Larry Ellison, the founder and former CEO of Oracle. The Obamas are definitely not in Washington anymore and frankly, it does not seem like they miss it (or us, which sort of stings).

With Malia in New York City working at her internship and Sasha safe and sound in Washington, D.C. finishing the school year — presumably with Michelle's mother, who lived in the White House with them for most of Obama's two terms — who can blame the couple for wanting to get away with some of their biggest donors? Back in North America, things are pretty, well, it's not a yacht off of Tahiti, to put it lightly.

Let the Obamas live, dad pants and iPad included.