Presidential Candidates React To The Paris Shootings & Hostage Situation

Paris was struck by violence Friday night between six shootings, three explosions, and a hostage situation in a night club that have left at least 100 people dead. (Update: Reports now claim about 130 people have been killed in the attacks, with ISIS taking responsibility.) The U.S. presidential candidates reacted to the Paris shootings and hostage situation, taking to Twitter to send their thoughts and prayers to the victims. According to reports, gunmen with Kalashnikovs opened fire and killed several people at Cambodian restaurant Le Camboge in the 10th arrondissement. Over 80 were killed at the nightclub and performance hall Le Bataclan. French police told press that they believe all attackers are dead.

Public figures usually comment on situations like these, weighing in on the senselessness of the violence and expressing their sympathy for the victims, so its not surprising that the presidential primary candidates weighed in. Republican and Ohio governor John Kasich was the first to tweet about the incident, followed by Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, and Jeb Bush. Here's what they had to say:

Obviously the sentiments expressed are very similar, but with so little information at this point, it's hard to do more than echo what most people on Twitter are expressing right now: fear, sadness for the lives already lost, and hope for the hostages.

Update: AFP and the Associated Press are putting the death toll at 100 inside at Le Bataclan. Police raided the Le Bataclan and killed two assailants. Over 40 victims are dead from the other attacks, and French police told press that they believe all attackers are dead. There is no risk to the U.S., according to authorities.

Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images News