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Prime Day's Baby Clothes Deal Includes 20% Off The Cutest Essentials

If you've shopped for baby clothes then you know what I am about to say is the god's honest truth: Baby clothes are way over-priced. I'm sorry fancy baby store, but there's no good reason that something my kid will be able to fit into for approximately five minutes before he spits up all over it should cost the same as his mom's best pair of leggings. Here's the good, nay, great news for anyone in need of baby clothes though: It's Amazon Prime Day, and there are amazing Prime deals for baby clothes within your reach.

Whether you are working on your Amazon baby registry or shopping for a friend, there is simply no better time to buy baby clothes than Prime Day. Before you get that trigger finger ready to add everything you see that makes you say, "aw, that's so cute" to your cart though, you may want to look at what baby clothes you actually need, because take it from a veteran: You really don't need much.

Your baby will grow so quickly at this stage, and you may find they spend more time in diapers than dresses because getting them in clothes can feel like an Olympic sport. So take a deep breath, get your plan in place, and grab these deals on essential baby clothes before they're all gone!

UV Skinz Baby Boys’ UPF 50+ Body Sun/Swim Suit

File this one under "summer necessity." This full-body swimsuit is "certified UPF 50+ so it blocks 98 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays." It's lightweight, dries quickly, and is chlorine and saltwater resistant so the bright, stripy design won't fade. These little suits make the beach so much more relaxing and fun, as they remove a lot of the stress and worry about scorching your little water baby's skin. They also kind of make babies look like little Liberaces, which I personally find to be a plus.

$6 Off Cotton Fairy Newborn Unisex Baby Romper 3-Pack

This three pack of long sleeve rompers runs from 0-12 months, and are a very cute and practical addition to your bebe's wardrobe. They're made of 100 percent organic cotton (making them super soft), and the sweet and simple design makes these great little play clothes that still have a bit of style. They're also made to keep a little one warm, which can be good now — when you're stuck in intense AC — or a few months down the road when fall kicks in.

$4 Off Exemaba Baby Footed Pajamas Sleeper 3-Pack

These adorable footed jammies are another solid choice, and would also make a great gift. They're 100 percent cotton, and I love the whimsical designs of puffy clouds and a little rocket ship. There's also a jaunty pair that's patterned with bowler hats, mustaches, and bowties, for when you want your infant to evoke images of Rene Magritte or the 1920s.

$4 Off Avauma Sleeveless Pajamas Summer Short Set

I love everything about these super sweet sleeveless pajama sets, which are perfect for the sweltering dog days of summer. Put your little one in this cute little get-up, and maybe it will make the 3 a.m. wake-up call a teeny bit more bearable.

$4 Off Yilaku Summer Outfits

You get three sets of (100 percent cotton) short-sleeve bodysuits as well as three sets of pants with this deal. These are cheerful, easy ensembles for everyday wear and tear, and you won't mind when they get coated in the dirt, banana, drool, and general goo that babies like to accumulate on their wardrobe.

20% Off Reversible Baby Toddler Kids UPF Sun Protection Bucket Hat With Chin Strap

Every baby needs a sunhat, and this reversible number has a wide brim for extra SPF protection, as well as a handy chin strap to thwart ye olde hat-yank-and-throw that little ones are so fond of. It also comes in some bright and playful patterns, with drawings of polar bears, fish, and lemons.

20% Off UNICOMIDEA Tasseled Romper Bodysuit With Headband

I realize some parents might not classify a watermelon-patterned tasseled romper with matching headband as essential, but I personally kind of do. I mean look at that cuteness. And it's only $9.59 with Prime. That's less than a pack of diapers. This snazzy, breezy little number is great for picnics and parties, or for staging your own photoshoot with baby trying her first slice of actual, real watermelon. Which I imagine will go poorly, but will yield lasting summertime memories.