School supplies on the table

$300 Off A 13-Inch MacBook Air & More Amazing Prime Day Deals For Teachers

It's common knowledge that in the United States, teachers frequently bear a heavy burden of providing much of the supplies and decorations for their classroom. It's hugely unfair and should not be the case, but until that changes, teachers — like the heroes that they are — will be looking for bargains on everything from Elmer's Glue to paper bunting. On July 15 and 16, the Amazon Prime Day sales should help them find exactly what they need at steep discounts. However, Prime Day deals for teachers are rolling out early, with everything from sales on school essentials to household cleaning products that have proven absolutely necessary in the classroom.

Whether you're looking for deals on comfortable clothing to wear in the classroom or Lysol wipes to clean germs off surfaces, Amazon has a deal for you. They're also featuring a ton of sales on snack foods like Goldfish crackers, which are currently 25 percent off. If you're looking for music for your classroom, Amazon is running a deal on its streaming music service. Pay just $.99 for four months of unlimited music. You could play everything from "Baby Shark" to the "Macarena" to help your class of rambunctious little people to get all of those wiggles out.

$10 Off BIC Dry Erase Markers

These are a staple of every classroom. They are also expensive. Regularly almost $20, this 12-pack of dry erase markers are only $9 right now. I just bought some to gift to my kids' teachers because I know how quickly they run out of these.

$2 Off Elmer's Glue 12-Pack

I know by the amount of glue sticks that my daughter goes through in a year that a whole classroom full of children must use up a prodigious amount of adhesive. Thank goodness you can buy these in bulk at a discount.

$2 Off Primary Tablets

Personally, I cannot imagine teaching kids to write. I barely had the patience to teach my own to go to bathroom in the toilet, so teaching something that requires so much dexterity? Thank you and good luck. I know from how many of these papers made their way into the backpacks of my kids, you teachers must hand out a lot of this stuff.

$300 Off MacBook Air

Every teacher needs a trusty laptop to help get the job done. Whether you use it to keep track of grades, research the latest teaching methods, or create slideshows for your classes, this 13-inch MacBook Air is lightweight and easy to travel back and forth with you from home to the classroom.

$44 Off Purell Sanitizing Wipes 6-Pack

I mean, what else needs to be said? 270 wipes in each tub, and a case of six of them? A really great deal.

$8 Off Electric Pencil Sharpener

Help your students stay sharp this year by investing in this heavy duty electric pencil sharpener. The long-life helical blade can sharpen more than 6,000 pencils over its lifespan.

$4 Off Sharpie Highlighters

A classic yellow highlighter is a teacher's best friend. This package of 36 chisel-tipped Sharpie brand yellow highlighters are sure to last you throughout the year, and may even be enough to share with fellow teachers in need.

$9 Off Paper Mate Erasers

This package of 24 pink pearl smudge-resistant erasers can provide your entire classroom with a way to easily erase pencil mistakes on their school work.

$13 Off BIC Blue Ball Point Pens

I remember my teachers correcting papers in high school using brightly colored pens that stood out against our basic black ink writing or penciled answers. These blue ink pens by BIC can do just that, and they're currently on sale for Prime Day.

$4 Off Amazon Basics Loose Leaf Paper

Stock up on loose leaf paper for your entire classroom with this Prime Day deal on lined paper that gives you six packs of paper with 200 sheets each for just $16.

$28 Off Titanium Scissors 3-Pack

Every teacher needs a trusty pair of scissors that are off limits to their students. Save more than 50 percent on this three-pack of scissors with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty to suit all of your classroom needs.

$5 Off Rubbermaid Letter Tray

This is the perfect place for your students to drop off their completed work or pick up graded papers. The tiers of this paper tray by Rubbermaid provide six spaces for full-sized sheets of paper to be stored at your convenience.

$6 Off LunchBots Lunch Bag

Kids aren't the only ones who need a new, fun lunch box for the school year. Pack your lunch from home in this stylish insulated bag with a double-decker design to keep your lunch either hot or cold until lunchtime.

$6 Off Personal Electric Tea Kettle

Tea-loving teachers can brew a cup right in the classroom with this cordless, electric tea kettle. It can also be used for heating hot water for instant coffee or to make instant noodles on your lunch break without hitting up the teacher's lounge.

$8 Off Stylish Cord Keepers

Keep your classroom nice and neat with these cord covers. This particular package is available in a woodgrain finish that not only keeps your students from tripping over pesky cords, but helps make your classroom look perfectly polished.

$32 Off Amazon Basics Office Chair

Treat yourself to a new, comfortable desk chair this school year. Imagine lounging in between classes or grading papers in this plush, adjustable chair covered with black microfiber fabric that is easily cleaned.

$30 Off Classroom Alphabet Rug

Teachers of the littlest learners will enjoy this 6-foot circular carpet for the classroom, complete with letters A to Z around the edge of this durable rug.

$15 Off 48 x 36 Inch White Board

Make presenting ideas to your students a breeze when you use this 48 x 36 inch white board to draw, write, or present your lessons on. This board is also magnetic, so you can attach papers and diagrams to it for even more versatility.

$5 Off Teacher's Wine Glass

When the day is done, you can relax and unwind with your favorite wine in this wine glass made specifically to celebrate all of the hard work teachers put into ensuring their student's success each and every day.