Prince George's First Day Of School Photos Melt Twitter's Heart

When the Duke and Duchess, aka William and Kate, my fave royals, released two photos of Prince George's first day of school at Westacre Montessori School this past week, the Internet went bonanza. And, of course, parents around the globe are dying to make the little princes in their lives look as snazzy as Prince George did. (Seriously, this kid's fashion is just as good as his mom's — not an easy feat.)

While not everyone has a style sense that's as on fleek as the iconic Kate Middleton's (the white bikinis, the wedge sandals, her ability to rock Zara and McQueen like a boss), everyone agrees that it's worth gushing over the royal blue quilted jacket and coordinating turquoise backpack that she dressed her son in for his first day of classes. Vogue put together an inspired-by column about the outfit, and anyone who's anyone, sartorially speaking, was quick to emulate the little royal's look du jour. In fact, all the fashion rags were abuzz touting Kate's choice wardrobe stylings for Prince George's first day of school.

The Twitterverse took Prince George's first day of school outfit as a chance to give moms of all types a little something to go nuts about.

Style Conscious Moms

You too can score 23 schoolboy essentials to dress your tot in style.

Nostalgic Moms

Look at this side-by-side of two princes!

Class Conscious Moms

His mum is, after all, a commoner herself, even if her style is royally on point.

And the moms are certainly responding:

Whatever type of mom you are, you can concede that the first day of your child's school is a milestone, one that you'll remember forever. And when your kid is old enough for high school, you might really miss these days when your babe allowed you to pick out his clothes.

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