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Prince George's Hobbies Are Surprisingly Diverse — & Adorable

Some people might have certain expectations of what kind of things a 4-year-old prince would like. I mean let's face it, Prince George's world looks vastly different from ours. He is an heir to the British monarchy, a young royal who is potentially one of the most photographed children in the world. He dresses like he's getting ready to start his own mini GQ fashion line for young boys. But it turns out, Prince George's hobbies look a whole lot like most kids his age, with a few notable exceptions.

The oldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, also known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, appears to have a wide variety of things he loves. His mother once said that he's a big fan of Italian foods like pizza and pasta, and even likes making it himself on occasion with her supervision, according to People. Apparently he and his 3-year-old sister Princess Charlotte like the process because they can get their hands messy, as Kate Middleton said while making pizza during the Commonwealth Big Lunch. But what does Prince George like to do during his downtime, also known as pretty much all the time since he's a small child without a job? What pursuits make him happiest?


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The young prince has long been a fan of dinosaurs, the scarier the better. During a 2016 dinosaur-themed tea party, the Duchess of Cambridge asked some children, according to Us Weekly:

Does anyone like T. rex? George likes T. rex. I think probably because it’s the noisiest and scariest.

She also admitted that he was "obsessed with dinosaurs and volcanoes," which makes sense in a way. Middleton has taken her children to visit the Museum of Natural History more than once, even going so far as to have official photographs taken of Prince George in the butterfly room, according to Hello.

Fire Trucks & Police Cars

Prince William told Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2016 that his son is "obsessed with anything on wheels," according to Hello, especially fire trucks and police cars. In fact, last Christmas Prince William gave Santa in Denmark a letter from his son asking for a police car for Christmas in his adorable child writing, according to Metro UK. I hope he got one, he wrote that he had been good all year.

Helicopters & Planes

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We have all seen the pictures of Prince George living it up on a helicopter in Hamburg, Germany, and it seems with good reason because this kid really loves aircrafts. Airplanes and helicopters especially, which he probably gets from his dad (Prince William is an air ambulance pilot and once worked as a search and rescue pilot, according to The Telegraph). When he was on a royal tour of Canada in 2016, the prince was offered the chance to pretend to pilot a seaplane in Victoria, B.C. He reportedly told his mom Kate Middleton that he was "going to fly them to England," according to Hello.


Both Prince William and Kate Middleton are super active people, and it seems they're trying to instill a love for sport into their children as well. During an official engagement in October, Middleton asked a tennis coach for tips on how to encourage her son to play, according to the BBC. Apparently, at that point Prince George was content just to "whack the ball around," so no dreams of Wimbledon just yet.

Horseback Riding

Prince George comes from a long line of equestrians; his great-aunt Prince Anne was once an Olympic-level rider, while his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth has been riding horses for decades. A royal source told Hello that Prince George has been learning to ride on a Shetland pony owned by Zara Tindall, a cousin of Prince William:

William and Kate were really keen to get George riding – it's something all the royals do and the whole family adore animals. But obviously he's only small so they didn't want to put him on a big horse. They asked Zara if they could use one of her Shetland ponies and he's been learning to ride on one of those.

Here's hoping we get to see some adorable photos of Prince George on a pony.


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Prince George has apparently been skiing since 2016, his mother said during the recent royal tour of Sweden and Norway. He took his first lessons when he was just 2 years old while visiting the French Alps, according to Harper's Bazaar.

I can't help but notice a trend in many of Prince George's hobbies; they all have adorable outfit possibilities. So maybe his *real* hobby is simply looking like a tiny fashion icon.

If so, he's nailing it.