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Prince William & Bradley Cooper Had An Adorable Exchange At The BAFTAs

I know it's probably not fair, but sometimes I make up a life for famous people and here is what the life of Prince William and Kate Middleton looks like in my imagination; they're regular. They hang out and eat takeout pizza with the kids sometimes. They watch movies together because they can't leave the house without everyone in the world losing their minds. My theory was confirmed neatly when Prince William gave Bradley Cooper his opinion of A Star Is Born at the BAFTAs on Sunday. Now I just need to find out they are binge-watching Derry Girls on Netflix together and my vision will be complete.

The future King of England and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, were on-hand at the British Academy of Television and Film Awards, which are essentially the British version of the Golden Globes. Just like in America, A Star Is Born was up for several awards, including Best Actor and Best Director for Cooper. While he didn't take home either of those awards he did manage to snag Best Original Music. After his win, Prince William approached him to offer his congratulations... and to tell him that he was shocked by one element of the movie in particular, as per People.

As Prince William and Kate Middleton made the rounds of movie and television people, they were clearly enjoying themselves, admitting they had seen several of the films and enjoyed them. When it came time for Prince William to meet Cooper, he had this to say as per Hello!:

Congratulations, great film. I didn’t know you could sing!

I mean, fair enough. I didn't know he could sing either. Nor, apparently, did Bradley Cooper himself because he answered:

I didn't either!

And here's the adorable part, guys; Prince William laughed. I'm pretty sure they're well on their way to becoming the best of friends now.

While Lady Gaga couldn't be there because she was at the Grammys, she was apparently on everyone's mind as Cooper's co-star in the film and the breakout performance of the movie. Even Prince William commented that she was "great" in the film, asking Cooper if she was his first pick, as per People:

Did you always have her in mind when you wanted to do this?

Cooper admitted that she wasn't the first person he had in mind, but that once he saw her perform "that was it."

Please now watch them perform "Shallow" from A Star Is Born because it's beautiful.

This isn't the first time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have outed themselves as fans; they are both avid watchers of Game of Thrones and even once jokingly tried to get cast members to spill a few spoilers for them. What's more; they watched The Crown on Netflix, as per The Daily Mail. You know, the show about his actual grandmother (doesn't everyone gather around to watch a Netflix show about their grandmother?)

Prince William might be second in line to wear the crown, but he's still a regular guy.

In my mind, anyhow.