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Prince William & Kate Middleton's Website For Royal Baby No. 3 Is Officially Here

As the Duchess of Cambridge's due date with her third child draws near, the world is anxiously waiting for the arrival of the newest member of the royal family. To tide over royal-watchers, though, there's now an official webpage for Prince William and Kate Middleton's third baby, who is expected to arrive next month, where you can stay updated on all things royal baby.

Head over to www.royal.uk/baby, where you'll see the title of the webpage, "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third baby." It's exciting, indeed, since the page's sole purpose is to update the public about news of the upcoming royal baby. And there's a lot to be filled in on, since not much has been revealed thus far, aside from the fact that 36-year-old Middleton is due some time in April, according to TIME.

The baby's sex has not been revealed and neither have any name options, though bookies are apparently already placing bets that the baby is a girl and that the name could be Alice, according to Metro. Of course, there were fan theories floating around back in December that the next royal baby will be a boy, so really anything is possible at this point.

Despite all of the bets and speculation, Prince William and Middleton have been remaining relatively low-key when it comes to sharing details about this pregnancy. Hopefully, though, with baby number three's webpage up and running, a few more details about the little guy or gal could be revealed in the coming weeks from the sources themselves.

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The page does note that updates "will be posted on this page and on @KensingtonRoyal's Twitter account as they become available." So go ahead and bookmark those pages now. Additionally, the website also recapped that the Prince William and Middleton announced that they're expecting their third child in October 2017. Just below that, there are adorable photos of Prince William and Middleton with their two children, 4-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte.

As you scroll down the website, you can find stories about Prince William and Middleton's other two children. For example, there are official stories about Princess Charlott'e's birth and Prince George's first day of school. Unofficially, though, there are plenty of other stories surrounding the Duke and Duchess' third child to help tide you over until that website posts more concrete updates. For instance, according to Us Weekly, baby number three's nursery will reportedly be "filled with hand-me-downs and George and Charlotte’s old toys." Seems like even royals can appreciate this tried-and-true money saving technique!

Of course, with such little information shared on the royal website right now, any details you might hear surrounding Middleton's third pregnancy are mostly speculation. But it does show just how thrilled the world is to meet the newest member of the royal family. And, as one source told The Sun, it could happen on a pretty significant day across the pond. "There's no certainty with due dates of course but the Duchess is working off a date around St George’s Day and it would be a lovely patriotic coincidence if he or she were born then," the source told The Sun. (For the record, St. George's Day falls on April 23 this year.)

The source also explained to The Sun that, even though Kensington Palace has only confirmed that the Duchess is due in April, it could very well be later in the month. "If she’s very late, as she was with George’s birth, she could even make it a very special wedding anniversary present to William, as they celebrate seven years of marriage on the 29th April," the source said, according to The Sun.

There will always be fan theories and sources to fill the time between now and Middleton's due date. But if you want to be some of the first to hear the official news about royal baby number three, you might want to set up some alert notifications for this website and Kensington Palace's Twitter page... like now.

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