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Prince George May Have Played Cupid For Prince William's BFF

Ok, so there's a piece of news coming out of London that's not just juicy, but really makes you wonder as far as unanswered questions about the royal family. The first one being, did one of them recently play matchmaker to a close Windsor family friend? With the news that Prince William’s BFF is engaged, this is how Prince George and his elementary school are involved.

As Us Weekly reported, William, the Duke of Cambridge and presumptive heir to the throne of England, has a longtime best friend, Thomas van Straubenzee, who's been part of the royal clique since attending school with William and Harry as a kid. Van Straubenzee is not only Princess Charlotte's godfather, as USA Today reported, but he's deeply involved in the Windsor clan. Us Weekly noted he attended both brother's weddings, and his own sibling, Charlie van Straubenzee, is assumed to soon be named godfather of Harry and Meghan’s little Archie at the newborn's upcoming christening later this summer, as E! News confirmed.

So clearly, the two clans are tight. But what we might never have seen coming is that van Straubenzee, a divorced property-business owner, just proposed to his girlfriend... who happens to be assistant head teacher at Prince George's own elementary school, Thomas's Battersea in London, as E! News reported.

Which means... well, if only we knew the precise details of what this means! I'm dying to get to the bottom of this. Certainly, what it could mean is that either George himself, or Prince William or Kate Middleton, made the introduction between van Straubenzee, 36, and Lucy Lanigan-O’Keeffe, 31, who in addition to helping run the school teaches Outdoor Learning and Mindfulness, according to Us.

And while no one on the busy royals beat across the pond seems to know whether Lanigan-O'Keefe was actually George's direct teacher, hence the cute royal getting to play Cupid personally, the Belfast Telegraph newspaper confirmed the newly-engaged teacher is a native of Kilkenny, Ireland, with an Olympic pentathlete brother and a barrister father (that means her dad's a lawyer in Brit-speak).

The newspaper noted with both Harry and William having attended van Straubenzee's first wedding and with the groom-to-be and his bro Charlie serving as ushers at Harry and Meghan's wedding, there's little doubt William and Kate's kids won't be part of the upcoming nuptials.

In fact, Cosmopolitan quoted London's Sunday Times in saying that it's pretty much a done deal that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be part of van Straubenzee and Lanigan-O'Keefe's bridal party on the big day. Twitter seems to indicate that van Straubezee is buds with the Middleton branch of the family too, including Pippa.

While we may never know if the new couple were actually introduced by people other than royalty (because, if you remember college, everyone does eventually become friends with everyone else in a certain group), one thing is for sure: Prince William and Duchess Kate sure love their kids' private school.

Because don't forget, it's been announced Princess Charlotte will start there in the fall as well. Which means, this may not be the last connection between the school and the royals. Hmm, I wonder who Char might bring together when it's her turn...