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Here's How To Dress Your Own Royal Baby Like Everyone's Favorite Princess

Diana, Princess of Wales, was known as The People's Princess. While terribly missed, it seems there's a new royal enjoying that title, too, and she's not even old enough to spell it. Princess Charlotte, Princess Diana's granddaughter, is becoming a crowd favorite, and it's not just because she's great at waving and has a cheeky disposition. People truly love her style (which is really more of her mom Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's style), and are on the hunt for Princess Charlotte inspired clothes. I can't say I blame them. I mean, what's cuter than pleating, cardigans, tiny socks with Mary Janes, and smocking?

Charlotte definitely has a classic look about her, and the good thing is, those timeless pieces never go out of style. When my own daughter Alice was a baby, I filled her closet with sweet little cardigans, cable-knit tights, and perfectly smocked dresses, knowing that if I ever had another little girl, they would all get used again. Now that I am pregnant with our second daughter, I can't wait to continue our love for versatile, classic pieces and create matching outfits for both of our girls. I mean, one baby in a smocked, floral dress with a cardigan is cute enough, but two? My heart can't take it.

So if you're looking for some Princess Charlotte inspired clothes, here are some in the same style and vein as the littlest princess, but with your "commoner" budget in mind. You're welcome.


Smocked, Collared Dresses

Princess Charlotte's dresses are always timeless. They're usually smocked and collared, and worn under a cardigan, making them even sweeter. You can find tons of patterns and colors in this classic silhouette, and the dress itself is totally versatile. Dress it up with tights for a prim holiday look, or keep it casual with socks and Mary Janes for an everyday outfit. This particular dress comes in sizes 3 months to 6 years, which is perfect for a girl mama like me who needs all the matching outfits.


Fair Isle Cardigans

If you've ever seen a chunky Fair Isle cardigan or sweater and didn't immediately think, "I must have this," then I truly don't know what to say to you. But when it comes to Princess Charlotte's wardrobe, apparently the Duchess of Cambridge is in the same boat as me and like-minded folks when she sees a Fair Isle cardigan: she has to have it. Princess Charlotte has been spotted in tons of cardigans, but my favorites are the ones inspired by the Fair Isle style. They can literally go with anything, are warm enough for winter, but still look perfect in the cool spring mornings. This one is a bargain at Kohl's and would be perfect with any collared dress underneath.


T-Strap Shoes

For a timeless pair of shoes that goes with everything, you'll need a pair of t-strap shoes for your own little princess. Princess Charlotte has been seen in several different pairs, some in red and navy or black, so you can really pick your favorite. But finding a well made pair is crucial. These are perfect for the spring and summer, but also look adorable with tights in the fall and winter.



Truly, you just need all the cardigans. Get them in every solid color you can find and you'll always be prepared for a chilly day. Plus, cardigans can easily make any casual outfit seem a little more put together.


Classic Bows

Whether your little girl has just a smidge of hair or a head full of it, you can rock some tiny, classic bows like Princess Charlotte. Again, get a bunch in every color so there's one always matching, and keep the look simple and timeless. You don't need those big southern bows this time — just a dainty, solid colored style will do.


Lacy Socks

I'm afraid mismatched Doc McStuffins and Paw Patrol socks won't work here if you're going for a Princess Charlotte look. But luckily, your kid's socks don't have to be super fancy. White, lacy socks that can peek out over the top of her shoes are all you need, and you can literally find them anywhere.


Cable Knit Tights

I mean, is there anything more cozy than a pair of cable knit tights? They're the ultimate fall and winter accessory, so stock up on several different colors so your kid can wear all those sweet smocked dresses throughout the year without freezing their tiny legs off.


Timeless Coat

Your darling's going to need a coat at some point, so might as well grab one in a classic shape and silhouette. Timeless coats like this one go with literally everything, so you'll only need one to power through the winter and make a seriously cute fashion statement.