Princess Charlotte looks like so many of her relatives, but one person in particular.
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Betcha Didn't Know Princess Charlotte Looks *Exactly* Like Princess Diana's Niece

Even the most accomplished royal family connoisseur might've missed the fact that Kate Middleton and Prince William's sassy and sweet daughter has a doppelgänger linked to her late grandmother. Indeed, Princess Charlotte looks so much like Princess Diana's niece, Lady Kitty Spencer, you may have to do a double-take. It's a bittersweet comparison, of course, but it's hard to deny their striking and adorable resemblance.

Middleton and Prince William's three children — 6-year-old Prince George, 4-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 1-year-old Prince — are some of the most discussed kids on the planet. Not simply because they are the children of the future king (and little George himself is third in line for the throne), but also because they are the grandchildren of one of the most beloved members of the royal family: Princess Diana.

After her untimely death in a car crash in Paris in 1997, royal fans have remained steadfast in their fascination with the Princess of Wales, and watching her children get married and welcome children of their own has been bittersweet. So when Princess Diana's niece, Lady Kitty Spencer, recently shared a throwback photo of herself sitting on a horse as a little girl, people couldn't help noticing how much she looked like Prince William's only daughter, Princess Charlotte.

Seriously, put a blonde wig on Princess Charlotte and it's basically the same person.

It seems Lady Kitty Spencer has frequently been compared in looks to her aunt Diana Spencer, but this is likely one of the first time royal watchers were sort of hit in the face with how much she looks like Princess Charlotte, who is Lady Kitty Spencer's first cousin, once removed. The Bulgari spokesmodel is the daughter of Princess Diana's brother Charles, the Earl of Spencer, and British model Victoria Aitken. She has developed a significant social media following in her own right and when she shared a throwback photo of herself on a horse as a little girl in 1992, she didn't do it to draw similarities between herself and Princess Charlotte. But that's what happened nonetheless.

"You look exactly like Charlotte," one follower commented on the photo, while another said, "Gosh you look like Charlotte here."

While there are plenty of people who see a strong similarity between Princess Charlotte and Lady Kitty Spencer, there are also those who believe the little girl looks a lot like her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, when she was a child. Apparently this kid is quite the chameleon.

Of course, Princess Charlotte has her own mother, Kate Middleton, and she could potentially look a lot like her as a little girl. Certainly people have said she looks like her father, Prince William, in the past as well, as Hello! Magazine previously reported.

As much as she might look like her cousin Lady Kitty Spencer, I suspect there's a hint of nostalgia tinging the way we all look at that photo. Because we wish her grandmother was around to watch her grow up, and any connection to her family feels especially moving.