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Princess Charlotte's Favorite Food Is This Salty Snack

While touring a school in England, Kate Middleton let slip some fascinating culinary details about kitchen duties at Kensington Palace. Among the scoop, the duchess revealed Princess Charlotte's favorite food, which sounds ritzy, but she's not the only kid who likes this salty snack.

Per People magazine, Middleton visited Lavender Primary School as part of her work with the charity Place2Be, which is holding its annual "Children's Mental Health Week."

The school, which is located in the north London area, as Hello! magazine added, also had targeted discussions both in the classrooms and with parents about the importance of putting in place healthy routines for children — a passion topic for the Duchess of Cambridge, the mag noted — and this led to discussing food and fitness.

As People reported, it was in the school's kitchen that Middleton revealed that Princess Charlotte, 3, particularly loves olives, those salty treats that go great with a healthy Mediterranean diet of which a wellness-minded Middleton might just approve. "Charlotte loves olives," Kate told the crowd during her time at the school.

Another witness, Matthew Kleiner-Mann of the Ivy Learning Trust, told reporters that the Duchess explained that Charlotte and brother Prince George help to cook. "She was telling us how much her children love cooking and how they cook for her," Kleiner-Mann explained to gathered reporters, as per People.

"They made cheesy pasta the other day. One stirs the flour, one puts the milk and butter in. And they make salads and stuff ... Food is important to her and she understands the links between mental health and physical exercise."

Sadly, it was not mentioned whether Charlotte is allowed to add her fave snack to her pasta (although olives on top of cheesy noodles would probably be absolutely delish. Other celebs, including Taylor Swift, reportedly love the salty treat.)

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Today's visit was far from the first time today's royals have discussed mental and physical well-being. Prince William admitted last winter he got depressed in his former job as a helicopter pilot, and that in ferrying those hurt to the hospital, his own mental state suffered, as Us Weekly noted.

Meanwhile, the magazine confirmed that Prince Harry has opened up in the past few years about losing his mom, Princess Diana, and the realization that, following that loss, he had shut down his emotions for too long.

Kate, Harry, and William now have a royal charity, Heads Together, that raises awareness and tackles the stigma surrounding mental health challenges. And good for Middleton for being so proactive when it comes to teaching her kids healthy eating habits, right?

In fact, cultural experts have noted that kids in other countries besides the United States (such as France) have lower rates of obesity due to improved dietary habits and will eat whatever parents expect them to if the whole dining experience is pulled off in a fun, positive way.

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As usual, the royals are right on top of the trends.

And with health-focused Meghan Markle expecting this springWomen's Health noted yoga enthusiast Markle is said to be putting in a yoga studio at the home she is renovating with Prince Harry — you can be sure Middleton's sister-in-law will be equally astute about fitness, encouraging healthy eating, and how habits learned early can affect kids later on. (Don't forget her recent work on a cookbook for a London communal kitchen.)

And with all their healthy living expertise, at some point, the younger royals may want to consider publishing their own recipes. For my part, I'm going to copy Princess Charlotte and put out her fave for my kids' after-school snack —hummus and veggies — with a big side of nice, juicy olives.