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The Adorable Story Behind Why Princess Charlotte Stuck Out Her Tongue

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently raising three of the most famous children on the planet. Their 6-year-old son Prince George is third in line to become King of England one day, while his 4-year-old sister Princess Charlotte made history by becoming the first female heir not to forfeit her claim to the throne. She's fourth in line, right ahead of her 1-year-old brother Prince Louis. These kids live in castles, their grandfather is Prince Charles and their great-grandmother is Queen Elizabeth. But what about their other grandparents? As it turns out, Princess Charlotte seems close with her Middleton grandparents, if this adorable story about them from a recent public event is any indication.

Carole and Michael Middleton are party supply entrepreneurs, according to CNN, and parents to Kate Middleton, who is of course also known as the Duchess of Cambridge since marrying Prince William in 2011. Both Carole and Michael Middleton appear to be very close to their grandchildren, taking summer holidays together on the island of Mustique, as Vogue reported, and spending time at the family estate in Bucklebury in the Berkshires, according to Town & Country. Despite the amount of time the royal kids apparently spend with the Middleton grandparents, it's rare to see them out in public together. Which is why it was such a lovely treat to see Princess Charlotte goofing around with her grandfather, Michael Middleton, recently.

Earlier this month, on Aug. 8, the young royal joined her older brother Prince George and her parents at the King's Cup, a charity sailing event hosted by Prince William. After the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both participated in the sailing race, Middleton met with her children and her mother Carole, who was spending time with her grandchildren during the event, according to Hello! Magazine. As Hello! Magazine reported, the family was walking down the stairs when Middleton apparently pointed out her father Michael to her daughter Princess Charlotte, who promptly stuck her tongue out at him, drawing laughs from everyone in the crowd.

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The royal children have apparently been hanging out with their grandparents quite a lot over the summer break. While their mother attended Wimbledon last month, Carole Middleton reportedly took the kids to Englefield Summer Fete in Berkshire, a festival near their family home at Bucklebury, according to The Sun. A local who attended the event told People both Prince George and Princess Charlotte looked as though they were having a great time. "They were having such fun going from stall to stall, playing on all the games," the source told People in July. "George did pretty well at the ‘crockery smash’ stall. He looked very pleased with himself."

Considering how famous the royal kids are, it is probably a real relief for both Kate Middleton and Prince William to know they will be able to enjoy something of a normal life with their grandparents. That is not to say their relationship with their royal grandparents is less normal, it's simply that being a member of the British monarchy does seem to limit a person's freedom. So it's a wonderful thing for Prince George and Princess Charlotte to be able to wander around a summer festival with their grandparents or act silly and goofy with people who love you for who you are, not what your title might be.