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Here Are Princess Charlotte's Sassiest Moments Of 2018

This year has really felt like the year of falling fully in love with those royal kids for me. Maybe it's because my own kids are grown-ups or something, so I need some little people to fawn over — don't you dare judge me for this, guys. As much as I've loved getting glimpses of all the royal kids, there's just something about Princess Charlotte that gets to me. I feel like she's probably a real spitfire, based on my research. And in case you think I'm making it up, here are all of Princess Charlotte's sassiest moments in 2018. And there are a whole lot, considering she's only 3 years old.

Princess Charlotte is second oldest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the couple's only daughter. Her 5-year-old brother Prince George is third in line to sit on the British throne after his father, Prince William, and grandfather, Prince Charles, while she and her 8-month-old brother Prince Louis are fourth and fifth in the line of succession respectively. Which I guess means the two of them can sort of chill out a little and be real, comparatively speaking. Perhaps that's why Princess Charlotte gives off the impression of being slightly more relaxed than her big brother; or maybe she's just that kind of kid.

Perfecting The Wave

Queen Elizabeth II is 92 years old and is the longest reigning monarch in the history of everything. In other words, she is probably the best waver this planet has ever seen. Did that stop Princess Charlotte from casually copying her from the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the annual Trooping The Colour in June? Don't be silly, of course not. She already knows she's the sassy queen.

Girls Do Cry

A side effect of being sassy is, of course, knowing how to be yourself in any situation. Say, for instance, you fall and hurt yourself a little in front of the whole world. Do you just try to tough it out, or do you cry because you're hurt? According to Princess Charlotte, who took a little tumble during that same June ceremony for the Trooping The Colour, you go ahead and cry because your mom will scoop you up and let you be your sassy self.

We're Not Invited

When Princess Charlotte's baby brother was being christened in July, the little girl wanted to make sure everyone knew who was boss. So she told waiting reporters in no uncertain terms "You're not coming" as the family made their from Chapel Royal at St. James Palace to an after ceremony tea. She was right; we weren't coming.

She's The Boss

Prince George might be the older brother, but Princess Charlotte likes him to know who is boss. Like when the poor kid was trying to goof around on his page boy duties at the wedding of family friend Sophie Carter in September. As the Daily Express reported, Princess Charlotte let him know in no uncertain terms (from her mother's arms) that he needed to behave.

Sticking It To The Man

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Princess Charlotte was a sweet little bridesmaid at the May wedding of her uncle Prince Harry and new aunt Meghan Markle, but she wasn't into the media attention. So, perhaps as an homage to Prince Harry's own past, she stuck her tongue out at reporters, as Cosmopolitan noted.

A Sassy Fashion Icon

Please see these pictures of Princess Charlotte getting ready for her first day at Willcocks Nursery School in Kensington in January. This is what a 3-year-old sassy fashion icon looks like.

So Not Shy

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When Prince George and Princess Charlotte visited their new brother at the Lindo Wing in April, Prince George looked adorably nervous holding his father Prince William's hand. Princess Charlotte, however, was staring down photographers, perfecting her royal wave, and looking her sassy best.

Barefoot In The Grass

Princess Charlotte was a sassy little hippie at Prince William's polo match in June, walking around barefoot in the grass and wearing sunglasses as her mom Kate Middleton looked on adoringly. Clearly this kid needs to run free every once in a while, and who can blame her?

The Life Of The Party

I don't know what's going on in this family portrait Kensington Palace shared to honor Prince Charles' 70th birthday, but Princess Charlotte is into it. And I feel like she and Camilla Parker-Bowles, her step-grandmother, might be getting into some sassy hijinx as a pair.

I can't wait to see what sassy little Princess Charlotte will get into in 2019. I think it's just going to keep getting better.

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