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Twitter Is Obsessed With Princess Charlotte's Adorable Little Wave At The Royal Wedding

As they royal party left the wedding, many waves and smiles were given by the royal family. No one took their waving duties more seriously or sweetly perhaps, than Princess Charlotte. According to reactions on Twitter, Princess Charlotte's wave totally won the royal wedding.

Reactions on Twitter range from "oooh" to television presenter Randy Fenoli's comment "We could all learn a thing or two about the royal wave from Princess Charlotte!" I know that I definitely could. The perfect poise shown by such a young child that still manages to be as sweet as cotton candy is just too much for my heart to take. It's as though she was thinking "This is my show, and I'm running it." And she did. Absolutely.

When I was a child, if I was shoved out in front of a crowd of that magnitude, the only reaction I would've had is to soil myself and run and hide behind my mother's skirts. Not so with Charlotte, she's completely embraced her role as the princess, and the look she gave as she waved with one hand and bouquet of flowers in the other as her mother looked on was just too perfect.

This isn't the first time she's come into the limelight for her reactions. The Metro reported about her reaction to becoming a big sister, when they wrote "...some even said the little girl was so cute they just ‘couldn’t handle’ with one person even falling ill over the cuteness, tweeting: ‘Princess Charlotte is so cute I’m dead.’"

For today's wave, she caught people's attention from the time she was riding up to the chapel, waving wildly and happily from her seat. One twitter user wrote "My whole uterus just filled up spontaneously watching Charlotte wave from the limo to her adoring crowds."

So far, Princess Charlotte has taken everything in-stride. From being a new big sister to the hoopla of the royal wedding, she's been the perfect tiny royal.

Another Twitter user wrote "This is the best royal wave and be honest I'm only here for the bride, groom and Charlotte." Who isn't there to watch the humorous antics of the smallest members of the bridal party? Apart from the amazing love evident between Prince Harry and Meghan, the children are really where it's at. I know I've been at more than one wedding wherein the children absolutely stole the show, and Princess Charlotte's wave totally won the royal wedding.

There's another way we could be looking at this. Is she waving to the crowd, or is she waving goodbye to her uncle and aunt? I am very close to my uncles and aunts, as are my children to theirs. It would not be difficult to imagine my children sloughing off the crowds in order to wave emphatically to my sister or brother. In fact, I'd probably have to keep a tight grip on their hands to keep them from trying to jump in the carriage with them. So maybe while we're excited about how adorable the wave is, maybe we should also be praising her significant restraint in not jumping down to ride in the Cinderella carriage.

After all, it was Prince Harry who said that he “dig[s] being around kids. I just have fun. You never know what they're going to say. George and Charlotte will grow up and hopefully find me to be the fun uncle. I always want to be the fun uncle.” Wouldn't any niece or nephew who just watched their "fun uncle" dash away with his new bride want to jump and wave?