A resurfaced video of Princess Diana running with other moms in 1991 is making people emotional.
Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

You've Gotta See This Resurfaced Video Of Princess Diana Sprinting Against Other Moms

People are getting a bit emotional over a recently resurfaced video of Princess Diana running with other moms during a sports day race that recently resurfaced on social media and it is absolutely proof of her amazing level of commitment to everything she did in her life. Whether she was fighting mental health stigma, working tirelessly as a humanitarian, or running full tilt to beat other moms at her son's school during a race (in a skirt, no less), Princess Diana was absolutely the real deal.

In 1991, Princess Diana's youngest son Prince Harry attended Wetherby Nursery and Pre-Preparatory School in London, England, according to Reader's Digest. Her older son Prince William had also attended the school when he was younger, but in 1991 Princess Diana was on hand to support her youngest boy by showing up to race against other parents for the school's annual sports day.

And, according to a recently resurfaced video of the Princess of Wales that's gone viral on Twitter, she didn't simply show up to make a royal appearance or anything. Instead, she apparently kicked off her shoes and sprinted against several other moms to be the first one to cross the finish line. And as anyone can see in the video, Princess Diana did not phone it in. She ran at full speed towards the finish line with her skirt flying and everything.

The video was posted saying that Princess Diana was racing in 1989 for Prince William, but HuffPost reported that it was actually 1991 and she was there for Prince Harry. Whatever the case may be, more than 4 million people have watched this video of Princess Diana racing and it's making everyone pretty nostalgic.

"Princess Diana had such a beautiful soul and heart," one person commented. "Welp, here come the tears again. Look at how hard she went at it. I want to be this kind of mom," another said.

Princess Diana wasn't the only royal giving their all in the sports day races in 1991. Little Prince Harry was in two races himself — one on foot and one in a potato sack, as seen in a video shared on the The Royal Family Channel on YouTube.

While neither Princess Diana nor 6-year-old Prince Harry won their races, they absolutely gave them their all. Which is perhaps why royal fans can still get emotional about a short clip of Princess Diana running all these years later. After her tragic death in August 1997, it's nice to know her passion and enthusiasm for life still very much lives on.