18 Stylish Products That Support Get Out The Vote Efforts, Which Is So Necessary RN

Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, will be here before we know it, and in some states voting has already begun. In an effort to get people excited about registering and doing their civic duty by exercising their right to vote, many brands are helping raise public awareness by supporting nonpartisan efforts to increase electorate turnout. And you can help by buying these products that support get out the vote efforts.

Each of these brands has committed a percentage of sales to supporting nonpartisan voter initiatives. For instance, is a collection of brands that have taken a pledge to commit funds to I am a voter., a campaign designed to encourage people “that our democracy works best when we all participate.” Personal care company EvenPrime has pledged all proceeds from the sales of its Blemish Patch to I am a voter. Similarly, Knickey, an underwear company, is giving 5% of sales from select styles to the initiative. There are beauty businesses and toothpaste brands, necklace companies and sneaker businesses along with all kinds of products you might not have imagined. Want to put your own dollars behind the voter awareness? Then here are products working to get people to the polls.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Rock the Vote and then Rock Me Onesie

Give your wee babe a civics lesson with this darling onesie. For sale on high schooler-founded Born to Be Tees, all profits form the sale of this baby suit go to Rock the Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to "building the political power of young people."


Tory Burch VOTE T-shirt

Tory Burch is throwing her weight behind the voter turnout cause by selling this colorful VOTE t-shirt and giving 100% of the proceeds to I am a voter. The shirt's promo backs up the brand's seriousness about being a part of the campaign and reads "created to urge all Americans to actively participate in our democracy and cast their ballot in November. Registering and voting has never been more important than it is now."


Nordstrom Tie Dye Vote Sweatshirt

Passionate about suffrage, but equally interested in staying comfortable this election season? We give you Nordstrom's Tie Dye Vote sweatshirt. Cozy and civically chic, Nordstrom will donate 2.5% of net sales to When We All Vote and the National Urban League, the former being a nonpartisan nonprofit founded by former First Lady Michelle Obama, and the latter a nonpartisan civil rights nonprofit.


X When We All Vote Mask

If you're voting in person this year, you'll almost certainly have to wear a mask. So might as well make it one that makes a statement. While the rules of what you can and can't wear at polling places vary by state, the overriding regulation is that politically-themed apparel for a specific candidate or issue is verboden. That said, a "Vote" mask will likely get a pass as its nonpartisan. And this one from Revolve will send put 20% of proceeds into the pockets of When We All Vote.


The Vote Bracelet

Where your love of voting on your sleeve with Uncommon Goods' VOTE Bracelet. For every bracelet sold, the company will donate $5 to League of Women Voters. The accessory comes in both silver and brass.


Every Vote Matters Puzzle

You don't have to just wear your love of suffrage, you can also turn it into a family activity with this "Every Vote Matters" puzzle from Designed by Portland, Oregon, artist Courn Ahn, whose work "aims to provide accessible design services for small BIPOC business-owners and partner with organizations working directly in the equity space as a force for good," the puzzle includes 500 pieces and 50% of proceeds will to to I am a voter.


Eve Lipstick

Make a statement this November 3 with a color as powerful as your right to vote. This pop of fuschia from Fempower delivers a bold look while also delivering 5% of proceeds to I am a voter.


Empowermint Fluoride Free Toothpaste

All natural personal care company Hello wants an informed electorate to rock beautiful smiles. That's why it's donating a dollar from every tube of its Empowermint Flouride Free Toothpaste to Rock the Vote. Made with with tea tree and coconut oil, it has a minty flavor that's "vegan, cruelty-free, made in the USA with globally-sourced ingredients."


Restorative Night Cream

Beauty brand Peachy's Restorative Night Cream is designed to be ultra-moisturizing so you can wake up feeling like your skin has been repaired. Can it also restore American's faith in the election system? It'll try by donating 10% of all sales to I am a voter.


When We All Vote x Brother Vellies Crew Sock

Brooklyn boutique Brother Vellies was opened with the goal "of keeping traditional African design practices, and techniques alive while also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs." That includes everything from amazing handbags to wild heels. But who doesn't also love a great tube sock? This one gets the VOTE treatment while providing $5 from every sale to When We All Vote.


Smooth Out powder

Cosmetic line Range Beauty has joined the Verticale in offering products that give back to I am a voter. With this light weight, demi matte finish powder, 5% of proceeds will help the nonpartisan initiative.


MICHAEL Michael Kors Vote Cotton T-Shirt

Made in collaboration with Black-owned business FKSP, this MICHAEL Michael Kors shirt will send 100% of its proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. While on the surface that might not sound like a voting initiative, in fact the nonpartisan nonprofit is deeply involved in fighting barriers to voting .


Signature Bra

Want to feel confident and supported when you walk into the polls this November? OKKO's signature bra is here for you. This hook-less, wireless option comes in five shades and is made from 3% nylon/27% elastane blend for extra comfort. Not only that, OKKO is donating 10% of the proceeds of the bras' sales to I am a voter.


The 5050 VOTE boot

Jill Biden rocked this over the knee boots when she voted in Delaware's recent state primary and now they're flying off the shelves. But, according to our research, you can still snag a pair from Stuart Weitzman for a cool $695. If it makes you feel any better, 100% of net profits from the sale will go to I Am a Voter.


Matcha Energy | Super Powder Blend

Staying informed this election season is exhausting. Keep your energy up with Aila's Matcha Energy Super Powder Blend. Designed to work as a coffee replacement, you can kick your Joe habit while enjoying the knowledge that 10% of the proceeds will go to I am a voter.


Vote Or Die T-Shirt

One hundred bucks is a lot for a T-shirt, but Kerby Jean-Raymond's brand Pyer Moss is prepared to give 100% of the proceeds to Rock the Vote.


Custom Pillow

You can't properly review, critique, and assess this year's candidates if you're exhausted. A savvy electorate requires sleep. Thankfully Pluto Pillow wants you to rest up so you'll be ready for election day with its Custom Pillow. You personalize your plushness of choice, they, in turn deliver 10% of the sales to I am a voter.


VOTE necklace

Did you love former First Lady Michelle Obama's gold VOTE necklace she wore at the Democratic National Convention? It's the work of Black-owned jewelry business BYCHARI and if you snag one soon, you'll not only have a gorgeous voting accessory, your purchase will help send 20% of the net sales to When We All Vote.