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Hi Hello, Let's Give A Big Chef's Kiss To Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat Miniatures, OK?

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I am a die hard Kit Kat fanatic. It's one of the candies I give away every Halloween, it's always in my kids' stocking at Christmas, and there is always a package or two in my freezer. When seasonal flavors are released, like pumpkin pie Kit Kats, I actually have to take a moment to make sure I am spiritually ready for such goodness coming into my life.

And it seems that moment is here already, because Instagram user Junk Food In The Trunk posted a photo of the fan favorite candy found at Walmart, which can only mean one thing — the seasonal flavor is back in stores. (Okay, maybe two things. It also means that I will waste zero time adding them to my next grocery order.)

Fans will notice that the packaging is slightly different this year. The 2019 bag of pumpkin pie-flavored Kit Kat miniatures featured a more Halloween-forward design, adorned with jack-o-lantern faces, while the bag posted on Instagram has more of a general fall theme with a slice of pie and fall leaves on a solid orange bag.

It may seem a bit early for the fall flavor to pop up in stores, but let's face it, after this seemingly never-ending pandemic summer, the nostalgic goodness of traditional fall flavors like pumpkin pie may be just the thing you need to get you through. If spending $4 on a bag of pumpkin pie Kit Kat miniatures at my local grocery store will bring even the smallest bit of happiness to this dark time, I'm all over it.

While they are perfect for handing out at Halloween, or as a part of a fall party, these candies are especially good to enjoy as a parent, locked in the bathroom, hiding from the grubby, greedy hands of your children. Your toddler or child cannot possibly appreciate the nutmeg top note of the white chocolate coating in the way it should be appreciated. Nor can they follow the flavors of the subtle pumpkiny interior. But you — you can. You can sit on the bathroom floor with the shower running, with a podcast or maybe some Cardi B playing loudly on your shower speaker, and breathe in the spicy cinnamon finish on these gorgeous chocolates.

I'm not saying that you should eat the whole bag — you're not selfish, and you'll get a stomachache — I'm just saying that you get to eat them first. Alone. Without interruption.

Having eaten several myself last night after the children were asleep, I can tell you that they pair quite well with both sauvignon blanc and a nice decaf black coffee. (I'm not trying to stay up all night.) The only thing that would make the experience perfect would be if Hershey came out with a pumpkin spice Cadbury Creme Egg. That way, I could reach the truly next level of gluttony by using the pumpkin flavored Kit Kat to scoop into the Cadbury creme like a toast point into a soft boiled egg.

This is the stuff of my dreams, Hershey. Please make it happen for next year.

The people at Hershey know what's up when it comes to fall candy, which is why each fall they come out with new and exciting products for all of us to buy and try. This year, they have the Reese Pumpkin with Reese Pieces, the Pumpkin Kit Kat, and a variety of fun-sized candy bars in glow-in-the-dark wrappers, designed with the little hands of trick-or-treaters in mind.

I understand that Hershey's pumpkin flavored Kit Kats might be divisive, as for some reason there are people in this world who don't understand the purity and goodness that is all things pumpkin spiced, but it is the precise level of basic that I am, and I embrace it. These are getting blended into milkshakes, lined up around cheesecake crusts, topping off cupcakes, and baked into my cookies. I plan on determining every conceivable way to enjoy these spicy confections, and I cannot imagine why the rest of the world would not join in and do the same.

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