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Find Out Who Won 'DWTS' Season 24!

by Chrissy Bobic

Season 24 of Dancing With the Stars was, for all intents and purposes, a learning experience for most of its stars on more levels than just dancing. Especially with the finalists, who were able to grow emotionally, DWTS was likely an experience they'll each take with them long after the season has ended. And when Rashad Jennings won Dancing With the Stars Season 24, Jennings was no exception to that. As the football player said as he looked back on his experience this season, he has come a long way from being unsure of himself at the beginning of the season, so it's definitely been a journey and Jennings earned this win.

Through seemingly unfair scores and surprise eliminations, Season 24 of DWTS was a whirlwind of emotions for not only the fans, but also the contestants, who week after week were met with the worry that they'd be leaving. As it became clear that high scores alone from the judges didn't mean they were necessarily safe, it became harder and harder to judge who would be going home and who would be safe for another week.

Week 10, which began with part one of the two-part Season 24 finale, saw each of the three remaining couples earn some pretty high scores, and Jennings ended the first part of the finale with a 38. To see Jennings win Season 24 of DWTS was as emotional as to be expected though, even if some fans predicted it long before it happened.

During the second part of the finale, Jennings performed his fusion dance and ended up with 39 points, and with that as his final score earned on DWTS, it was kind of the perfect way to go out before scoring (get it?) that Mirror ball trophy. Honestly, regardless of who ended up winning Season 24, they would have been deserving, since each of the finalists worked hard to get to the end and their progress definitely showed.

At one point, Rashad Jennings was called a natural dancer, and then David Ross was commended on his very real progress throughout the season, and Normani Kordei's turning point after her emotional Week 4 performance was talked about more than once. Any one of them winning DWTS Season 24 would have made sense, so Jennings was definitely deserving of the opportunity to take home the prize.

This season was full of talented dancers and surprise talents who really broke out of their shells, and in the end, being able to do that and take some of that away with them is what it's all about.