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'Bachelorette' Fans Are Already Sick Of Always Be Cam This Season

by Chrissy Bobic

Cam might be the most confident Bachelorette contestant this season. He crashes one of Hannah's group dates after being one of the few guys who wasn't picked for a date this week and it was, in a word, uncomfortable. But since his personal motto is "Always be Cam," he owed it to himself to put himself out there. Unfortunately, the reactions to Always Be Cam on The Bachelorette prove that it probably won't be a *thing* this season.

The idea behind Cam's mantra is innocent enough. It basically means that he wants to be himself to have confidence in any given situation. On a show like The Bachelorette, you definitely need to maintain a certain level of confidence. And when he used it to remind himself that he had a right to get in some time with Hannah, you had to give the guy some credit for fearlessly crashing a group date he hadn't been invited to.

I'm just not so sure that fans are into it. If fans didn't fully embrace "Let's do the damn thing" last season on The Bachelorette or Hannah's "Roll tide," then I doubt they will warm up to Always be Cam anytime soon.

Cam introduced his catchphrase of Always be Cam in the premiere last week, so it wasn't new when he brought it up again tonight. It was, however, a lot for Bachelorette fans to handle, especially because catchphrases tend to be overused on these shows. Cam already used it two too many times this season, so let's hope he doesn't make a habit of it.

Some Bachelorette fans have made up their own meanings to Cam's "ABC" motto. It speaks volumes about how Always be Cam has made Cam come across to viewers. While the meaning behind his motto is innocent enough and one that most other contestants could abide by for themselves, it has already become a bit much.

At first, Cam inserting himself in the group date for a few minutes was almost understandable. He wasn't picked for either of the group dates this week and he was concerned about getting some face time with Hannah. If he took a few minutes from the guys who presumably had an entire evening ahead of them with Hannah, then there was really no harm. Cam went wrong when he continued to use Always be Cam as an excuse to interrupt one-on-ones at the cocktail party and now he has made some enemies.

Interrupting conversations and showing up on dates isn't anything new on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. "Can I steak you for a sec?" is as synonymous with the show as someone being there "for the right reasons." So when Cam showed up on the group date, it wasn't totally out of left field. When he interrupted Hannah's conversation with another guy before the rose ceremony, it was another moment that we've all seen before. But doing both of those Bachelorette atrocities in the same episode are a definite no-no.

Cam's actions on The Bachelorette tonight could have either positive or negative repercussions. Hannah might seem him as a pot stirrer and worry about his impact on the other men and want him gone soon. Or, she could see his persistence as a sign that he really is here for her above all else. He has certainly proven that he wants to spend as much time with Hannah as possible. Maybe he didn't go about it the right way, but as annoying as Always be Cam is, it might somehow be working for him so far.