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Reactions To Justice Scalia's Death Show He Was Beloved Even By Those Who Disagreed With Him


When it was reported that Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead Saturday at the age of 79, the outpouring of remembrances and tributes from within the judiciary, from politicians, and from ordinary citizens were immediate. Scalia was the longest standing member of the current Supreme Court, having been nominated by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Scalia was known for his staunch conservative values and his strict interpretation of the Constitution, as well as his occasionally salty dissents. Reactions to Scalia's death so far clearly reflect Scalia's tremendous impact on those around him, professionally and personally.

John Roberts, Chief Justice John Roberts responded to Scalia's death in a statement read on CNN:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot also weighed in Saturday,

Candidates in the 2016 presidential race also shared their reactions Saturday:


Of course, Cruz was also quick to advocate for President Barack Obama not being allowed to appoint Scalia's replacement:

Former President George W. Bush also expressed his condolences:

On Twitter, some noted the now near-complete uncertainty that, in a sense, rules the U.S. right now:

And some reacted with an solution to the "who will replace him?" question on everyone's mind today:

I mean, it's not a terrible idea.

But perhaps the most meaningful tributes came from people who disagreed strongly with the justice but still respected him as a person and an intellect:

Obviously, Justice Scalia, you are dearly missed.