Rick Rowell/ABC

Shark Girl Was A Huge Hit On 'The Bachelor’

Among all of the seemingly normal contestants on The Bachelor, there are always a few that toe the line between being bold and just downright weird. I'd say Shark Girl (Alexis) falls somewhere in-between, because while she does seems like a really nice person, she definitely falls into that memorable weirdo category. At least for right now. And the Twitter reactions to Shark Girl on The Bachelor prove that the costume was not for nothing. In fact, I'd say it was totally worth it.

The whole point of her costume — which she continuously claimed was a dolphin and not a shark — was to make herself stand out. OK, so it was also to express her love for the sea creature to go along with her career description of "aspiring dolphin trainer," but let's call it like it is. You don't dress up in full-body costumes, ride in on camels, or drive your food truck to the front door of the Bachelor mansion unless you're looking to make a strong impression.

And just like with Nick, who totally can't forget Shark Girl now, the Twitter reactions to her debut on The Bachelor are all the proof you need to know that, although she looked pretty ridiculous, it may have been the smartest move she could make.

In a world of glittering gowns, plunging necklines that Nick can't seem to stop complimenting, and model-worthy figures, Shark Girl dared to bare literally nothing but her face and some amazing nude heels. And although Nick made it a point to have a chat with each woman the first night on The Bachelor, I like to think that his poolside discussion with Shark Girl made a strong impact on him.

Even though Alexis is currently Shark Girl, she spent the evening insisting that her costume was actually a dolphin and went on to make legit dolphin calls. Maybe it's her makeshift mating call for Nick? Regardless, though, Alexis obviously knows how to have a good time without taking herself too seriously and actually had some of the other contestants encouraging her because they were totally into her spirit.

That does make sense, though, since several of the Season 21 contestants also listed their favorite animal as the dolphin (I can't even with this), so meeting Shark Girl was like a nice alternative to Flipper. Even though, as Nick himself couldn't help repeatedly pointing out, Alexis was very much a shark, as opposed to the dolphin look she was going for. Oh well. I suppose it's the thought that counts.