Reactions To Trump's 'My Turn' Interruption Prove No One's Buying His Indignation

There is just something about someone who interrupts people. It's simply the most invasive, insulting way to argue. And GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken interrupting to a new art form. But how does he feel when he thinks he's the one being interrupted (by a woman, no less, specifically Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton)? Well, it's "his turn." Social media reactions to Trump's "my turn" interruption prove that no one's taking his indignation seriously — because it's just about the most obnoxious, double-standard thing ever.

To be fair here, Trump interrupts everyone. Fox News moderator Chris Wallace was interrupted by Trump time and time again during Wednesday night's debate. The amount of times Chris Wallace had to sputter "Sir, but... but... " waiting for Trump to finish pontificating (generally about something he feels Clinton is not doing while simultaneously refusing to take ownership over anything he might say) was telling.

But there is something about the way Trump interrupts Clinton, a woman of power who has the audacity to oppose him. It rankles, particularly for women everywhere who might be able to identify with being interrupted by an imperious man. But it was Trump's insistent, arrogant assertion when Clinton was speaking that it was "my turn" that truly got the internet worked up (and can we talk a little about the emphatic, silencing hand gesture?).

Trump has not had a strong showing in any of the three presidential debates; in fact, in the latest polls to be released before the start of the final debate, Clinton is sitting comfortably at a cool 6 point lead ahead of Trump. And Trump has come into this final debate after a long few weeks of scandal and allegations of sexual impropriety. The Washington Post recently released a now infamous audio tape of Trump discussing how he allegedly likes to kiss women without their permission and can simply "grab them by the pussy" because of his position of power. And as we all know, Trump's position of power is hugely important to him; So when an intelligent, well-spoken woman of power dares to question him, how does he react?

Trump relied heavily on the toddler trifecta of argument skills: name calling ("She's such a nasty woman"); interrupting ("My turn"); and lies ("I didn't say that"). Toddlers do this because they are little, and their brains are still growing, and they need grown-ups to teach them how to fight fair.

What a shame that Donald Trump didn't learn the same lesson.