Dressing up as a real-life hero is the perfect Halloween 2020 costume this year.
This Halloween, Dress Your Kid As A Real-Life 2020 Hero: The Essential Worker

Selecting trick-or-treating attire with my kids is one of my favorite parts of the Halloween season. But as adorable as they look decked out in witches' hats and wrapped up like mummies, some years call for a less traditional costume choice. These real-life heroes to dress up as for Halloween can rival Batman and Superman any day of the week.

In 2020, there has been no shortage of heroic acts by everyday people. Grocery store workers pulled overnight shifts throughout the pandemic to make sure store shelves stayed stocked despite shocking amounts of panic-buying, doctors and nurses risked their own health while sweating through head-to-toe PPE to care for the sick, and teachers re-worked the entire education system to keep kids learning from home. Celebrating these miracle workers this Halloween season is just one small way to show your gratitude for all their endless sacrifices.

The future is planted firmly in the hands of our children, so letting them emulate these real-life heroes — whether with a Halloween costume or even during their everyday lives — can serve to set them on a clear path to become wonderful, world-changing adults. Let these ideas inspire you and your kids this Halloween season.

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Without doctors leading the way, there is literally no way that anyone could have even tried to battle COVID-19. Sure, doctors save lives on a regular basis, but their bravery and selflessness throughout the pandemic absolutely deserves to be celebrated. Bonus: There's already a mask included with this adorable doctor costume from Melissa and Doug.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Now is the perfect time to honor the absolutely legendary woman who paved the way for women everywhere and inspired generations. Although RBG's decorative dissent collar on top of her black robe paired with glasses has been a popular Halloween costume for years, remembering this icon is even more poignant this year.


Grocery Store Clerk

Tirelessly stocking shelves day after day, never losing their enthusiasm, grocery store clerks have been the backbone of society during the pandemic. This costume is so easy to pull together. An apron on top of a collared tee and cargo pants gives your kiddo the classic look of a friendly grocery store employee. Add a name tag and a face mask, and you're good to go.



Teachers have had to re-structure the entire education system this year and did it in absolute rockstar fashion. Then many faced returning to school with increased health and safety restrictions. Armed with a clear front face mask so her students can see her phonetic mouth movement, a cute headband to keep her hair securely out of her face, and a cozy jacket for the freezing AC inside the school building, you can dress your child like their favorite teacher for Halloween this year.



Nurses have helped lift spirits, held hands of sick people when loved ones could not be near, and generally held everything together when the entire world was falling apart. Celebrate these heroic men and women this year for Halloween. A kids-sized set of scrubs and a smile is really all you need, but don't forget the face mask!


Instacart Shopper

From their iconic bright green t-shirts to their signature black pants and friendly grin (albeit now under a mask), Instacart shoppers are instantly recognizable in stores. When they arrive at your front door, they're always quick with a kind greeting and gentle with your produce, even when staying socially distant.


Andrew Cuomo

During each of his many press conferences throughout the pandemic, in addition to his vigor and clear direction, you've likely noticed Andrew Cuomo's signature lapel pin securely in place on his black suit right next to a gorgeous silky power tie. Re-create Cuomo's look for your kids this Halloween to honor the New York governor and his leadership.



With wildfires still raging across the west, now is the perfect time to honor the courage of the firefighters battling those blazes, as well as the ones who work day in and day out to keep everyone throughout the entire country safe. This kids firefighter costume is just perfect for Halloween.


Garbage Collector

If the pandemic has done anything, it has highlighted just how important essential workers are to keeping our everyday lives on track. One type of essential worker that received so much love this year is the sanitation worker. If your kids marveled at watching the garbage collectors roll up every day during quarantine, this is the perfect Halloween costume for them.



Moms are totally real-life heroes. Whether pulling double duty working from home while simultaneously stepping into the role of teacher during online learning, or just simply being the shoulder her kids can cry on when they miss pre-pandemic life, moms are their kid's hero. Pull your kid's hair in a messy bun, throw on some cozy sweats, a scarf (because, fashion), and a coffee cup, and you've got a pandemic mom-chic look on lock.


Door Dash Delivery Person

Many nights, my kids would be stuck eating only stale crackers and cheese sticks for dinner if it weren't for Door Dash. Food delivery workers in general are literal saints who save my sanity on a regular basis. Dressing my kids up in a red hoodie and black outfit (complete with a cap, of course) like a Door Dash delivery person this Halloween is the least I can do to show my appreciation.



Throughout the entire pandemic, you've heard it a million times — trust the scientists. After leaning hard on these brilliant scientific minds for months on end to guide us through a seemingly never-ending health crisis, it's time to show them some love in the form of adorable Halloween costumes on my kiddos.


UPS Driver

When stores were shuttered throughout the pandemic, the entire country depended on delivery drivers to drop online orders at the front door. The anticipation my kids felt waiting for the UPS driver to bring packages filled with school supplies rivaled most Christmas mornings. This UPS driver costume is a simple way to honor the real-life heroes that have kept the world turning despite store closures.


Postal Worker

Want to help save the United States Postal Service while also honoring the postal workers who have worked tirelessly to safely deliver mail despite a raging pandemic? This USPS costume for kids can do just that. With a hat, top, pants, and mail bag included, this costume for a good cause is too cute to pass up.