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Everything You Need To Remember About 'Scandal' Season 6

From the very beginning, Scandal was filled with exciting twists and turns. Besides the epic romance that became known as "Olitz," at the core of the show was always Olivia Pope, our white hat wearing, fight for good, political queen. However, going into the final season, one has to wonder whether or not Olivia has let herself become a little too corrupted by power. So before jumping into the seventh and final season, let's recap Scandal Season 6 and see just how exactly Olivia got to this point.

Season 5 came to a close with Frankie Vargas choosing Cyrus as his running mate and Mellie choosing Jake to be hers. Thus, many believed Season 6 would continue on the campaign trail leading up to the election, but that's not what happened at all. Due to the season being pushed back, premiering in the winter instead of the fall, Rhimes decided a time jump would be more appropriate since the show would no longer be running in time with the events currently happening in America anyway. Therefore, the season began on election night and it did not go as any one expected, to put it mildly. Here's what you need to know...

Frankie Vargas Met An Unfortunate Fate


Although I'm sure Frankie would've made a great president, it was still devastating to see him win and for Mellie (and Olivia) to lose. However, the feeling of loss was completely overshadowed by the fact that Frankie was shot and killed shortly thereafter.

Who's President Now?

After Frankie died, there were two important questions that need to be answered: who killed him and who would be president? Of course, the answer to one was connected to the other. Cyrus and Mellie went head to head for the White House, and in the end, it was Mellie who got the gig because Cyrus was arrested for Frankie's murder.

Who Killed Frankie Vargas?

Although Cyrus was arrested, finding Frankie's killer wasn't that simple. Instead, there was a big conspiracy afoot, as Cyrus claimed. The person who actually pulled the trigger and killed Frankie was Papa Pope, but in his defense, it was because he had no choice.

There Was a New Terrorist Group In Town

It's a scary thing when Rowan is afraid of someone, but that's what happened in Season 6. A mysterious group run by a man called Peus blackmailed Rowan by threatening his college sweetheart, and when that didn't work they threatened Olivia. Not only that, but the group was everywhere. They got Abby and Liz North on their side, one of their own members, Samantha, was dating David Rosen, and another member, Meg, was able to gain Huck's trust.

Huck Almost Died

After Huck became confident he could trust Meg, despite Quinn's warnings, it turned out she was right to be wary. Meg ended up shooting Huck, locking him in a car, and dumping the car in a river. Thankfully, OPA was able to find and save him in time. Still, that didn't soften the sting of betrayal when they found out Abby was working with the enemy the whole time.

Liz North Was Killed

Although Mellie tried to stay strong against Peus, she was forced to agree to their terms and let them become her Chief of Staff and VP when they killed Liz right in front of her. Thankfully, Olivia and the rest of the good guys were able to come up with a plan to get rid of Peus once and for all soon after.

Mama Pope Returned

Olivia had her mother arrested because it appeared she was working for Peus. However, although she was hired to kill Mellie at the inauguration, she was actually going to kill Luna Vargas, Mellie's new VP, because Luna was actually also working with Peus. Unfortunately, Maya was stopped before that could happen, but Olivia soon figured out the truth for herself.

Mellie Became President & Cyrus Was VP

After the inauguration, Jake and Olivia cornered Luna, and told her she could either take a pill that would give her a painless death or they would kill her themselves. She took the easy way out, and Olivia made Cyrus VP instead, even though she knew it was him that put the idea to kill Frankie in Luna's head.

Quinn Is Pregnant & the New Head of OPA

Quinn and Charlie are settling down, but they'll still be getting their jobs done. Olivia passed the torch of OPA to her protege, Quinn, and she's already killing it in her new job. She and Charlie are also planning on getting married and are expecting their first child.

Olivia Is Command

Olivia is now the most powerful person in America, and perhaps the world. Not only is she the president's Chief of Staff but she reinstated B613 and made herself Command, giving herself power in the visible and invisible worlds of DC.

So what will Olivia do with all this new power? You can find out when the final season of Scandal premieres on Thursday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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