Reddit Parents Reveal When They Knew Their Baby Wasn't A Baby Anymore

As parents, we're constantly aware of just how quickly our babies are growing into independent human beings who no longer need us. Some days it feels like you turn around and your little one is preparing for college or telling you they're ready to start driving. It's hard to articulate that feeling, though; the feeling of being simultaneously proud and sad. Thankfully, Reddit parents shared when they knew their baby wasn't a baby anymore, once again reminding us that, as parents, we're never alone.

Reddit user minorfall27 knows that feeling all too well, and eloquently described it on the internet so us parents could feel all the feels. "For the first time, my /gulp/ toddler, noticed a baby. Something inherently different than her. And so, we leave babydom. We leave the land of bouncers and Sophie the Giraffe. And we enter Toddlerhood, population 1 more." Someone pass the tissues, you guys. I can't.

It's so tough, isn't it? We all know that feeling and it's equally invigorating and totally heartbreaking. We're raising tiny humans and guiding them through their days, but we're also watching them take a slow walk toward college (or whatever they choose for themselves) since the day they're born. Every milestone and every new and exciting thing they do means they're one step closer to leaving us forever. Cue the ugly tears and all the tearful emojis, then prepare to feel some things as you read these parents' descriptions of the best, and worst, part of parenthood: your baby growing up.

When They Break Out New Words

When toddlers start to break out their favorite first word — "baby" — that's when you know your baby isn't a baby anymore.

When They Start Becoming More Independent

When your baby starts cruising around on their own, and you're no longer needed every minute of every single day, it's as if they've aged five years in a week.

When One Parent Loves It & Another Is In Tears

Sometimes one parent is all about the growing up and the other parent really just wants the baby to stay a baby. It's frustrating, to be sure, but it's also a sign that your baby is definitely leaving their babyhood behind.

When They Just Won't Stop Growing

Relentless is just the right word for it. It never ends, you guys.

When They're Potty Trained

Because there's nothing more bittersweet than not having to change another diaper. Wait, maybe that's just sweet.

When They Can Talk To Each Other

How is this tiny human being, who used to communicate in grunts and spit bubbles, suddenly carrying on miniature conversations with other tiny humans?! How did this happen?

When They Can Say "Mine"

Which, coincidentally, is usually around the time your head will start to explode.

When Their Attitude Is Bigger Than They Are

"An attitude to fill a skyscraper" sounds about like my 2-year-old toddler, you guys. If that descriptions sounds familiar to you, too, the it's safe to say your baby isn't a baby anymore.