Reese Witherspoon mastered the high-low looks at the Emmys.
Toni Anne Barson/WireImage/Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon's Pink Fluffy Slippers At The Emmys Are Classic Elle Woods

Life in quarantine has not been without its benefits — hear me out. For the first time ever, Reese Witherspoon wore slippers for the Emmys, and this is what quarantine awards should look like. A little black dress with a side of pink fluffy slippers... that's what a hardworking mom deserves. You better believe Elle Woods would be proud.

Witherspoon decided to try her own kind of Emmy Awards celebration on Sunday night since the live event was turned into a virtual evening. She hosted a New Year's Eve/Emmys event right in her own backyard along with Kerry Washington, her Little Fires Everywhere co-star and fellow Emmy nominee, since they are both done with 2020 and want to just end it. And while Witherspoon dressed up for the occasion with gorgeous hair, flawless makeup, and a perfect little black dress, she made a few COVID-19 appropriate adjustments to her wardrobe.

As she shared in her Instagram Story, her Emmys prep for 2020 included "masks (check), COVID test (check), fuzzy slippers (check)."

If that list doesn't sound like Elle Woods packing list if the Legally Blonde character lived in the post-COVID era and was forced to go to a sleepover or something, I don't know what does.

Witherspoon has earned those comfortable looking feet after the massively successful year she's had with television. Two Emmy-nominated hits on HBO with Little Fires Everywhere and Big Little Lies, as well as her Emmy-nominated limited series The Morning Show on Apple TV with Jennifer Aniston. This mom of three is all about those limited run series featuring strong female leads. And, of course, all about pink fuzzy slippers.

Witherspoon is apparently a longtime fan of pulling off that high-low look. On Thursday, she shared a throwback video from an event where she was wearing an ensemble that started as she noted, with a look that was "Carolina Herrera... couture." Topped with a Madewell sherpa-style coat. And on her feet?

You guessed it. A totally different pair of fuzzy slippers. That's what making the big bucks gets you, folks. A Carolina Herrera ensemble, and not just one, but two pairs of fuzzy slippers. That Reese Witherspoon is clearly living the high life.