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Moms Are LOLing At Reese Witherspoon's Snapchat Post About Back-To-School Shopping

Like so many other moms, Reese Witherspoon has school on the brain. Because it's time for kids to get out of our houses and back to their routines, back to learning and socializing and growing and all that. While she might be excited about the prospect of her kids heading back to school, it seems they haven't really been considering it quite as much. Or perhaps even at all. The sun is shining and the weather is warm, how can a kid think of a thing like school supplies? Not them, because it seems Reese Witherspoon's kids put off back-to-school shopping exactly like everyone else who isn't ready for summer to be over.

The Big Little Lies star is mom to three kids, 19-year-old daughter Ava and 15-year-old son Deacon, who she shares with ex-husband Ryan Phillipe, and 6-year-old son Tennessee with husband Jim Toth. That means she has three very different school experiences to prepare for this autumn. Elementary school for Tennessee, high school for Deacon, and of course the big change, college for daughter Ava. In other words, it's not like Witherspoon can bulk buy pencil crayons and loose leaf paper from Target with a pencil case and a backpack and call it a day. She needs to do some planning.

And her kids aren't helping her in the least, it seems. Witherspoon shared a screenshot from a Snapchat conversation on Thursday she had with her kids about back-to-school shopping and it did not go well.

As Witherspoon wrote to her kids in the post, "Are you seriously telling me TODAY about all the school supplies you need Tomorrow?" She is using a Snapchat filter, perhaps to relate to them on their level, but boy can I feel her pain. It's like when you get volunteered to make 60 cupcakes and your son tells you as he's going to bed the night before. These are the kind of panicked parenting moments that I think can give you PTSD.

Moms were quick to share their own stories of kid procrastination on Witherspoon's post. As one shared, "Or how about 'mom I need 100 feathers for school tomorrow' as Im getting him ready for bed."

Another commented, "And don’t forget a 4x6 and a wallet picture to be brought in tomorrow morning."

Witherspoon already has a lot to deal with considering she is sending her oldest child, daughter Ava, off to college for the first time ever. Ava is heading to UC Berkeley in the fall, according to the Daily Mail, and I suspect she wasn't really the problem with her back-to-school list since she was already thinking about her dorm room essentials (in partnership with Amazon) back in June, according to E! News.

While Ava might have a clear idea of what she wants, her mom had one pretty great tip to share for the first day of school if she needs it. The Legally Blonde star shared a throwback school photo of herself on Instagram recently wearing a candy necklace.

As she wrote in the caption, "Mom tip: Send your kid to school with a candy necklace so she can share it with all her new friends!"

Whether or not this tip works for college is anyone's guess. Here's hoping she gets all that back-to-school shopping done soon... and that she celebrates with a candy necklace all her own.