Rent The Runway Just Launched A Maternity Line & The Selection Is Mind-Blowing

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Spending money on maternity clothes can feel like a huge waste, considering you're only going to wear them for a few months. Sure, you can always pack them away for Baby #2 (or #3), but there's no guarantee you'll be the same degree of pregnant during the same season. And if you have to go to show up at a job every day looking at least somewhat professional, you can't wear the same pair of maternity jeans everyday. But don't despair: Rent the Runway's new maternity program could help you to stay stylish while saving some serious cash.

As you're probably already aware, Rent the Runway is a subscription service that allows you to rent designer dresses, gowns, handbags, accessories and more for a fee that's way lower than the actual price of the items. Single rentals are available for $30 a pop, but many RTR fans opt for the "Unlimited" package, which gives you access to four pieces on constant rotation to be kept for as long as you want (single rentals have to be returned within 4 to 8 days). RTR Unlimited also offers the option of buying pieces at a discount, with over 450 brands and designers to choose from. That's way, way more variety than you'd find anywhere else you might go shopping for maternity clothes.

Rent the Runway Maternity will work the same way, offering literally thousands of maternity and "bump-friendly" choices from designers including Ingrid & Isabel, Rosie Pope, Vince, Isabella Oliver, Yumi Kim, Monrow, J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, and more. Subscribers will be able to access maternity styles on rotation with RTR Unlimited ($159 per month for four items with unlimited swaps), or with RTR Update ($89 month for four items per month without the swaps). Cost of shipping is included in the monthly fee and items ship in two days; RTR handles the dry cleaning (which is frankly an amazing perk). If you sign up, you'll also get complimentary access to Maternity Stylists who will help you to build lists of favorite pieces and check in with you at each trimester to recommend looks based on your preferences. Added bonus: As a promo for the launch, subscribers will also receive a $75 gift credit to purchase Rosie Pope maternity basics.

If this sounds like every expecting mom's dream come true, that's probably because RTR Maternity was inspired by the real lives of the company's staff.

“Last year at Rent the Runway, we had nearly 50 women go on maternity leave, including myself, so we know from first-hand experience what will serve expectant and new moms best,” RTR CEO and Co-Founder, Jennifer Hyman, said in a press release. “With 70% of expectant moms in the U.S. working during their pregnancy, and 60% working after giving birth, we knew there was a need for a solution for women both during pregnancy and afterwards.”

Just a quick glance at some of the styles available for rental suggests this could indeed be the perfect solution for many women.

The McCaren maternity dress from Of Mercer is the ideal LBD: Perfect for a business meeting, date night, weddings... you just don't get more versatile than this!

You'll be walking on sunshine no matter how swollen your feet might feel in the fun and flirty yellow Lita mini dress from M.i.h. Jeans.

For a casual but still perfectly pretty and put-together top, this yellow ruffle blouse from See by Chloe is light and airy for hot summer days.

For when you don't want to wear black but still want something that won't show stains (because you're getting clumsier by the day), Shoshanna's Saya knit dress in navy can easily be dressed up or down.

And these items are just the teensiest tip of the iceberg. No matter what you're looking for, you'll definitely find it in Rent the Runway's maternity collection. It's safe to say that the world of fashion for moms-to-be just got a whole lot bigger... kind of like that growing bump you're trying to dress!