9 Ways To Turn Non-Maternity Clothes Into Pregnancy-Friendly Outfits


As if pregnancy and prepping for your baby's arrival weren't stressful and expensive enough, you have to learn how to navigate the changing shape of your body. If you're not wanting to break the bank, then there's no denying that you're going to have to figure out how to transform non-maternity clothes into maternity wear. Some people still swear you'll have to cave in and buy pregnancy clothes at some point, but who says you have to max out your credit cards on buying an entirely new maternity wardrobe?

Sure there are some chances that you might get a second opportunity to wear your pregnancy wardrobe somewhere down the line. But let's be honest. The only time you'll probably ever wear your maternity clothes again is when you're pregnant or, if you're like me, feeling lazy and wanting to get comfy on the couch in some over-sized muu muus.

So before you freak out about cracking open your wallet for outfits you'll only wear a handful of times, take a deep breath because there are definitely other options. Whether you're looking to hide your baby bump in its early stages or you're looking for some more long-term style solutions, there are plenty of easy and affordable hacks to turn the clothes you already have and love into pregnancy-friendly outfits.

1. Belt It

Left Image:thiefandbandit/EtsyRight Image:Oh Joy!/Youtube

Pretty much any dress can become a pregnancy-friendly option with the simple addition of a belt worn right above your bump. Just make sure to keep an eye on the length since the front of the dress will continue to shorten as your stomach grows.

2. Extend It

Left Image:Courtesy of Sarah BuntonRight Image:Courtesy of Sarah Bunton

Easily disguised by a belt or a long top, you can add a couple inches to your favorite pair of pants by using an ordinary ponytail holder as a button extender!

3. Leg It

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As mentioned earlier, some dresses or tops begin to rise up in the front as your belly blossoms. Don't toss those outfits to the back of the closet just yet. Simply add a comfy pair of leggings to turn a short dress into a chic tunic.

4. Expand It

Left Image:Courtesy of Sarah BuntonRight Image:Courtesy of Sarah Bunton

Though there's a very real possibility that your cup size may change during pregnancy, it's almost guaranteed that your band size will grow, too. Instead of rushing out for a new bra, buy yourself some time with an extender!

5. Elongate It

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If you ever had a V-neck or dress with a plunging neckline that you felt might be too daring, now's the time to try it out. With your curvy new shape, the deep neckline won't be as low or severe and it can make your torso look longer.

6. Move It

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For most pregnant women, the area right below their breasts remains relatively close to the same size as when they weren't pregnant. So if you have a beloved mid or maxi length skirt, just wear it up higher, right under your chest to give a new look to your old outfit.

7. Layer It

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Layering your top is a way to not only disguise your bump (though, why would you want to) and get multiple looks out of only a few pieces. No one's going to throw you shade when you're loving the layers.

8. Cinch It

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What do pregnancy-friendly dresses and Star Wars have in common? They both know that the empire is a powerful thing. Well, the empire waistline is, at least. Not only does an empire dress look cute on virtually all body types and heights, it perfectly compliments that maternal silhouette.

9. Embrace It

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If there is ever a time in your life that you can truly rock a look that hugs all your curves without feeling self-conscious, pregnancy is at the top of the list. Bodycon is a stylish favorite of many and shouldn't be off-limits just because you're a mom-to-be.