John Legend Performs 'The Office' Theme Song, Luna Sings & More From His Home Concert

by Casey Suglia

As people all over the world practice social distancing amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many celebrities including John Legend performed at-home concerts to help keep us feeling positive and entertained. But if you couldn't catch it live, don't fret — you can still watch Legend perform songs requested by fans on the piano with just a robe on "as promised," featuring his wife Chrissy Teigen in a towel dress.

"Obviously we know that this COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting people all over the world," Legend said during the livestream on Tuesday. "And part of how we prevent it from spreading to people and hurting more people is we have to stay home, we have to physically distance ourselves from strangers...so we're all home for a bit."

"A lot of artists have decided to make staying home a bit easier for everybody, so we're going to try to entertain you," he added.

Legend performed for more than 45 minutes during the livestream, with Teigen sitting on the piano, dressed in a towel with a glass of wine in hand for the majority of it. And thankfully you can easily watch this amazing show on YouTube again and again.

Of course, the entire broadcast is worth watching, especially since Legend has the voice of an angel, but there are some highlights and below you can find those time stamps:

So, as we all continue to practice social distancing right now and start to go a little stir crazy, watching John Legend's little living room concert is a wonderful way to help pass the time.

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