R.L. Stine Has An Audible Original Coming, Get Ready 'Goosebumps' Fan — EXCLUSIVE

As a bookworm growing up in the '90s, there were few things more exciting than the Scholastic Book Fair, the personal pizza I got from participating in The Pizza Hut Book It! Program, and a Goosebumps book. The latter was really a cornerstone of my childhood. Whether it was an original Goosebumps like The Night of the Living Dummy, or one of the many specialty series like Give Yourself Goosebumps, R.L. Stine was responsible for hours of my childhood reading. And now I can have that same thrill with the new R.L. Stine Audible Original anthology, Camp Red Moon.

Oh yes. Stine is back, and this time he's headed to Audible, where he's created and outlined an entire spooky, creepy anthology made up of four episodes. The first one-hour scripted episode, The Werewolf in the Woods, was written by Stine. There are three more episodes that follow — The Ghost in Cabin Six, The New Camper, and Battle of the Bots — and these were written by Ellen Oh, Dan Poblocki, and Justin Reynolds. Each of the episodes will have a "full-cast audio experience" in this world of Camp Red Moon, so you can fully immerse yourself into the experience Stine is universally known for creating. (Seriously, there are still some Goosebumps books I think about just as I'm drifting off to bed, and I have to make myself think happy thoughts.)

This anthology will be an Audible original, with no print or e-book to accompany it, so you'll be experiencing Stine in a whole new way. It will be available exclusively on Audible Oct. 4, 2019.

I'm trying to remain calm, but truly I'm ready to scream about this. Goosebumps and Stine were such an incredibly huge part of my childhood, but I was also a weird kid with a penchant for old radio dramas, and I distinctly remember the first time I heard War of the Worlds. There's something incredible about listening to a story play out through audio, and Stine agrees. "The thing about audio drama is that it doesn’t happen in front of you — it happens right inside your head. You want to have these scary adventures right in your own mind. It’s so much scarier that way," he tells Romper. "You’re not watching a monster, you’re not watching a werewolf in the woods at camp. It’s in your head, you’re experiencing it, and that’s why audio is so exciting for me to do.”

I mean — need I say more? With over 400 million books sold under his belt Stine is one of the best-selling authors in history. So being able to hear his first Audible Original is a real treat. Whether you preferred the Fear Street series or a classic like One Day at Horrorland (I can't be the only one perpetually annoyed by the parents who didn't believe anything, right?), you're going to have to listen to Stine's Camp Red Moon anthology. I'm excited to see how spooky it is for my own creepy-things-loving kid to hear, and hopefully share the experience. Because let me tell you — you don't have to be a '90s kid to love a good R.L. Stine book. (Or the Pizza Hut personal pizza. Or the book fair.)