R+L=J Is Confirmed On 'Game of Thrones' & It's The Best Moment Of Season 6


At this point in Season 6, I'd settled on the fact that Jon Snow's parentage was just going to fall by the wayside. But tonight, R+L=J is confirmed on Game of Thrones thanks to a vision by Bran, and in a season full of big bangs — this was the definitely the note to end it on. Finally, finally, we not only know the truth of Jon's parentage, we finally know Ned is the most most honorable man in Westeros. In the 69-minute-long finale episode (which, OK, for the record, can every episode be this long and this beautiful?) all hell essentially breaks loose in the show. Tommen dies, Margaery dies, Loras dies, Lady Olenna Tyrell heads to Dorne to exact revenge on the Lannisters with the help of Ellaria Sand and her daughters, and Sansa friend-zones Littlefinger in the best way possible — but then the show's writers give us the gift we've basically been waiting for since Season 1: the Tower of Joy flashback scene.

Though it's been a source of speculation throughout the show, tonight's confirmation that R+L does in fact equal J was not just everything we've been waiting for, it also helps give the show and Season 7 a newfound trajectory. Jon will learn he's a Targaryen eventually, and someone will have to tell him. It'll set into motion a meeting (a reunion?) with Dany, and it'll change everything all of Westeros ever believed about the Jon Snow, the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell.

Now that Jon's parentage has been confirmed, it unloads a new laundry list of questions: How will Jon find out? When will Jon find out? What will he do with the knowledge? Will it change his relationship with Sansa? With the North? Will Sam be the one to tell Jon?

The questions are absolutely endless, but the internet's reaction to one of the best Game of Thrones reveals to date was absolutely amazing:

Here's to the King in the North, Jon Targaryen.