Ron Swanson is a popular Halloween costume for all ages

Here's What You Need For A Ron Swanson Halloween Costume Leslie Knope Would Love

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Even though Parks And Recreation ended in 2015, once a fan, you're always a fan. And if you're looking to celebrate your favorite sitcom, a Ron Swanson Halloween costume may be the perfect way.

Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman, is the hilariously deadpan director of the Pawnee City Parks and Recreation Department. He oversees the operations and going on of the department, all while making viewers love him for his introverted ways, obsession with breakfast food, and penchant for marrying women named Tammy. Who wouldn't agree with his saying (one of many) that, "If there were more food and fewer people, this would be a perfect party?"

If someone in your friend group already has plans to dress as Ron, consider taking a unique angle: you could be Ron during his Tammy intervention, complete with robe, or drunk Ron dancing after drinking too much snake juice. If you want to make it weird, choose a Full House Ron Swanson character from that viral deep fake video. But if you're looking to create the perfect eating-ribs-in-his-office Ron Swanson, here's everything you'll need — not just to pull it off, but to really do him justice.

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That Mane Tho

Ron's hair is definitely a huge part of his look. If you're not the proud owner of some neatly parted, luscious brown locks, this wig will do quite nicely. Once you put it on, be sure to scowl directly into the camera and say something like, “Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts. Be ice cream, or be nothing.”


His Signature Shirt

It's simple. It's classic. It screams manly man with a business casual job and not a care in the world for fashion past its functionality. Ron's usual look involves one of these long-sleeved polo shirts. Get yours, ideally in burgundy, with ease from Amazon.


One Meaty Mustache

To achieve Ron Swanson impression perfection, you need a mustache that lives up to the man, the myth, the legend. It’s got to be full and ready to perform filter-feeder duties on massive meals of steak and bacon. It needs to say “I’m a man who is comfortable sporting retro facial hair.”


"Government-Issued" ID

If one person is essential personnel, it's Ron Swanson. As an employee of the fine City of Pawnee, Ron has a city government-issued ID badge he uses to, well, probably just get into work and stuff. You don't always see it onscreen, but it would really drive home who you're dressed as.


Disposable Coffee Cup

Ron, being a red-blooded American, drinks plenty of coffee while at his desk job. Frequently he does so out of one of these, a paper cup complete with handle. No one says you have to buy a tube of 50 paper cups with handles when, chances are, you own some perfectly good mugs. But if you're going for authenticity, this should do it.


Buy A Bundle

If you'd rather purchase everything in one big bundle, this is your costume. It comes with both the wig and mustache, and a burgundy shirt in Ron's signature checked pattern. Bring your own khakis, shoes, and mug.


Mask Up, Ron Style

We’ll never know how Ron might have felt about mask mandates, though the “Ron’s Toxic Workshop” episode indicates he wouldn’t have been too fond of government regulations on the subject. As for the average Joe looking to have a little Halloween fun, however, the CDC is clear: mask up, baby. And what better way to do that than with a Ron Swanson mask showcasing the character’s lush mustache?

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