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Know Your Limits In 2020, Sagittarius, & Learn What Freedom Means

The year ahead looks productive and prosperous according to the Sagittarius 2020 horoscope, but adventure-loving Sags will have to set some boundaries in order to shine their brightest. While it sounds counterintuitive, this curious, independent sign may actually find more freedom and expansion in their lives by embracing limits.

“While 2019 was all about growth and expansion for Sagittarius, 2020 will bring opportunities to grow within the real limits of our systems and structures," Kelsey Branca at Deep Sea Astrology tells Romper.

“Limits can be a terrifying word to a Sagittarius, but limits don’t always have to be boring,” professional astrologer Sylvi Osland tells Romper. “Sometimes knowing your limits is exactly what’s needed to truly explore your full range of emotion.” She gives the example of skydiving, which isn’t ruined just because you have to sign a waiver. Having some formal guidelines is “actually what allows you to do something as crazy as jumping out of an airplane.” Sagittarians can use 2020 as a year to examine their own lives and see what areas need clearer boundaries, whether that be with work, family, finances, or love.

Many Sagittarians have had to exercise their frugal sides in the past year thanks to an increase in expenses or a drop in income. “Saturn has been teaching you to be really mindful about what you consume,” Helene Cierzo of Heart House Astrology tells Romper. There may be increased cash flow this year (thanks to Jupiter in Capricorn, Cierzo says), but exercise restraint and resist the urge to go on a spending spree, especially when Venus is in retrograde from May 13 to June 25. “During Venus retrograde, hold off on any luxury purchases, tattoos, [or] new beauty procedures as you will not be happy with the results,” Cierzo tells Romper. You may not want to buy that costly couch or get your hair dyed a new color, “however, [the retrograde is] a great time for thrifting, or antiquing. You can definitely score some amazing finds!”

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The good news? “Sagittarius will see their income rise significantly next year. They will be prospering and should pursue this as a main focus,” Kyle Thomas, celebrity and pop culture astrologer, tells Romper. But optimistic Sags still need to put in the work to see those monetary gains. "This is a good year to ask for a raise at work, but be prepared to back up your request with a detailed list of all the reasons you're worth it, and you are worth it," Branca tells Romper.

When it comes to love, Sags may find that they’re being tempted or tested. In the fall of 2020, “exes or past sexual partners, again, could be crossing your path at every turn,” Thomas says. But rest assured that the universe is testing you because “it wants you to be in the happiest, most fulfilling relationships possible. Use 2020 to truly know what you want with someone at your side and how you operate as a team.” And here come the limits again, which will surface in every area of your life: “Use this year to decide where you stand your ground and then draw the line there,” Thomas says.

The Archer is a fire sign, and as such, they’re “known to be blunt. [However, in 2020, Sagittarians] will begin to learn to be more wise in communications with others,” Cierzo says.

This will happen as Sags take time to slow down and connect with their insights. To do this, “practice daily rituals such as meditation, journaling, or anything that connects you to your innate wisdom. Vision a future that excites you and share your insights,” Branca says. The trick to creating the future you imagine is to “get really clear on what the best 'fuel' is for you,” Oslands tells Romper. “What kinds of things uplift you and what do you do to serve everyone else? What kinds of people make you feel celebrated and inspired, and whose energy makes you feel like you’re never enough? What do you love at your core?”

The only way to say an enthusiastic “yes!” to the things you truly want is to first say “no” to things that ultimately sap you of energy, even if they seem interesting at first. Set those boundaries, Centaurs, then get ready to soar into the new decade.


Kelsey Branca, professional astrologer, Deep Sea Astrology

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