Saint West Shares His Name With These 5 Notable Saints

by Leah Rocketto

Though Kim Kardashian only gave birth to her second child a few days ago, fans have been wondering for months what she would name the baby. And they finally got their answer. Today, the reality star announced on her website that she named her second son Saint West. And though many may think this is an 100 percent original moniker, it turns out Saint West shares his name with several famous people.

As with any Kardashian news, fans quickly began offering their opinions on the name Saint West. Though there were a few people who threw shade to Kanye West for the choice, most people have been supportive of the seemingly sweet moniker. And why shouldn't they? Saint is a simple name that pacts a powerful meaning on it's own. But it may hold special significance for Kardashian. Given her difficult pregnancy, which included the baby being breech before a procedure corrected the baby's position, she and West may consider the baby their own special miracle. . . or saint. Can we fault them for that?

But if people do decide to pick on Saint West's first name, he'll have plenty of fellow Saints to defend his moniker. And no, I'm not talking about the one your uber Catholic grandmother prays to on a nightly basis. Here are five other notable Saints who are sure to have this baby's back.


Yves Saint Laurent

Saint West is sure to have some serious style (just look at how Kim dressed during her pregnancy.) So it's only makes sense that he share a name with notable Fresh fashion designer Yves Saint Lauren.


Camille Saint-Saëns

A 19th century pianist and songwriter, Camille Saint-Saëns is the mastermind behind the opera Samson et Dalila. Perhaps Saint West will stray from his hip-hop roots and try his hand at opera.


Arthur Saint Bleick

It may not be his first name, but Selma Blair's son shares a middle name with the newest Kardashian-West baby.


Saint Laszlo Wentz

Pete Wentz's youngest son shares a first name with Saint West. Let's hope these two never wind up in the same Mommy-and-Me music class, or the teacher will get confused.


Ophelia Saint Grohl

Foo Fighter's frontman David Grohl gave his daughter the middle name Saint when she was born in 2014. Clearly this name spans across many musically-include families.

Images: Larry Busacca, JEAN-PIERRE MULLER, Kevin Winter/Getty; Giphy; therealselmablair, petewentz/Instagram